Best ways to expand your Home or Office Network

Perhaps you are reading this because your home or office network does not have enough capacity to accommodate more devices. And you are looking for the best ways to expand your network.

Well, fortunately, we happen to know a technique or two that you can use to increase the capacity of your network. Read on to find out.

Use Bulk Ethernet Cables

The first thing you need to do is to get new network cables, and not just any cables, get the highest quality ethernet cables. Because they last forever and perform flawlessly. But why more cables you ask? Well, when you are expanding your network, you start with the cables, and that is given. If you have any leftover cables from your last run, you can use those too. Just make sure they aren’t water damaged or something.

Once you have extra cables at your disposal, you can start truly expanding your network.

Use Patch Cables

In addition to ethernet cables, you probably need patch cables as well. Here’s why.

Suppose you used the ethernet cables we just discussed to establish new connections in your home or office. What do you need to do next? Connect your devices with the connections, right? And what do you need for that? Patch Cables.

If you are using Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat6a ethernet cables in your network, we recommend these Patch Cables. They are top-notch patch cords that cost almost nothing when compared with the value they return and are compatible with all modern electronic devices. They are also certified by EIA/TIA and exceed the industry standards by a significant margin.

Use Ethernet cable coupler

When you are working on increasing the capacity of your ethernet network, sometimes you will find that you have two bits of useless cables. Well, they aren’t useless anymore because you can use ethernet couplers to connect both of them to make a longer and useful cable.

An ethernet coupler basically connects two cables. It is like soldering two wires but using a small gadget. These couplers are easy to connect and do not affect the performance of the cable. But do not enhance the performance of the cable either. They are just a bridge between two cables.

Use Ethernet adapters

Patch cables and ethernet coupler are great, but if your device doesn’t have ethernet ports, what would you do? That’s right, you will use ethernet adapters. These are also tiny gadgets that connect to electronic devices via USB ports and have ethernet ports on them where you can insert patch cords.

Just like ethernet couplers, adapters are also a bridge, but between your device and patch cord.

Use Patch Panels

We hope that at this point, you have found more than one way to expand your home or office network and this upcoming method is pretty important. Particularly for office networks.

If you have a large office or home network, you need patch panels. Period.

Here’s why?

Expanding your network means integrating more devices into your network. And when you have a wired network, you need just as many ports as you have devices. 

Patch panels make that possible. To reiterate, patch panels allow you to connect more devices than before in your network, which is benefit number one. 

Benefit number two: You can get rid of untidy cable webs in your server room. Did you know that you can dramatically enhance the performance of your network by tidying up the cables? If you knew that, great. If not, now you know. 

The third benefit or reason as to why you should use patch panels is because you can run regular maintenance very easily. Cable management happens by itself. Furthermore, these patch panels are affordable, EIA/TIA, and RoHS compliant, and support all ethernet cables. 

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