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  1. Bulk Cat5e Riser Cable 1000ft CCA 350 Mhz 24 AWG UTP Pull Box
  2. Bulk Cat5e Riser Pure Copper Cable ETL Listed 1000ft 350 MHz 24 AWG UTP
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Cat5e Riser Cable (Pure Copper and CCA)

Bulk Cat 5e Riser Ethernet Cables are the best and most versatile option for building your cabling infrastructure. Riser Cat5e cables are considered to be the best cabling solution in budget-friendly. The major benefits of the Cat5e riser cable are Speed, Performance, and Fire Protection. Let’s explore two options for your choice – Pure Copper and CCA. 

Cat5e Riser with Pure Copper Conductors:

Some of the major benefits of Cat5e Riser Pure Copper are mentioned below:

  • Peak Performance — superior conductivity, longer lengths installation, low electrical resistance, reliable speed 1 Gbit/s with 350 MHz bandwidth. Ideal for HD streaming, online gaming, and transferring signals. 
  • Durability and Reliability — Pure Copper conductor of Cat5e riser cable offers a sustainable performance over a longer lifespan of approximately 8 years. Its anti-corrosion properties protect the conductor's performance. 
  • Right Investment — unless you are residing in the same place the Cat5e in pure copper conductor will not let your network down. It supports major Fast Ethernet Applications like PoE. 

Ideal Applications:

  • Perfect for long lengths within a single floor or building (Indoor Jacket).
  • Best for high-density applications for optimum performance.
  • Best for gaming, PoE/+, 10/100/1000BASE-T applications. 

Cat5e Riser with CCA Conductors:

CCA Cat5e riser cable also shows some positive points to choose from for your networking stability. 

  • Cost-Effective Choice — More Economical option than the pure copper conductor.
  • Suitable For Shorter Lengths — CCA is especially suitable to cater to shorter installation lengths thus ideal for basic networking needs. 
  • Fire Safety Compliance — The Riser (PVC) cable is a fire-retardant jacket that protects the cable conductor from damage. You can use Cat 5e riser cable on vertical shafts within the buildings. 

Ideal Applications:

  • Shorter network connections within a single floor
  • Budget-conscious network installations where performance demands are moderate
  • Situations where fire safety compliance is a requirement for shorter cable runs

Choosing the Right Cat5e Riser Cable:

The best choice depends on your specific needs. Here's a quick guide:

  • If performance is the major concern go for Pure Copper conductor.
  • If restricted by budget constraints Bulk Cat5e Riser CCA is best for you.

Cat5e Riser ETL Listed: A Mark of Quality

  • Verified Performance: The Cat 5e Riser ETL listed emphasizes that the cable has been rigorously tested and meets the performance standard for safety and functionality. 
  • Peace of Mind: Choose Cat5e Riser cables with the added assurance of ETL-listed for creating a reliable network infrastructure.

Building a Secure Network

What to choose is the user’s choice but one thing for sure is that you are going to invest in ethernet cable that becomes part of your networking infrastructure for a couple of years unless you are not going to change the location of your business or home. Remember for optimum performance Pure Copper Cat5e riser cable is the best. However, you can also go with Cat5e riser CCA cable.

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