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Increase your cable safety with high-quality ethernet cables – Trust us with your needs.

Cat6 ethernet cable is the 6th Gen network cable that specifies the improvised features and speed specs needed for high-speed networking. The Cat6 plenum cable is a one-time investment for maximum performance and to send heavy files in less time. The best CAT6 plenum cable meets all the industry standards and undergoes stringent testing phases to idealize data transmission.

What Is Inside Cat6 Plenum Cable?

The Cat6 cable observes twisted pairs and between the twisted wires, there is a plastic material named a Spline/Cable separator. This helps reduce the pair-to-pair crosstalk and maintain data integrity between devices. The twisted pair in the Cat6 plenum is tightly twisted to cancel crosstalk (Alien & NEXT) and is also very beneficial in fighting outside noise. The thread-like progression is called a rip cord to easily peel the cable jacket for terminating to the RJ45 connector. The outer plastic jacket is made up of CMP material to run cable in their designated spaces. The wire diameter is 23 AWG to deliver high bandwidth speed to enhance conductivity.

Cat6 Bare Copper Cable Vs CCA Conductor

Cat6 plenum Bare copper cable is considered the top-quality conductor and is ranked as the fast lane while transferring signals. Thanks to its copper core which translates

  • High-Speed Transmission 
  • Low Resistance 
  • Great Reliability
  • Flexibility With Convenience 
  • PoE Supported 
  • Best Performer

CCA (Copper-Clad Aluminum) Cables

The Cat6 CCA cables are considered the cost-effective option for many buyers. Its core is aluminum-rated and clad with a thin layer of copper. While the CCA conductor is not as fast as bare copper it still has its perks

  • Cost-Effective 
  • Light Weight 
  • Support Few Fast Ethernet Applications 
  • PoE not Supported
  • Installation Flexibility 

Gigabit Speed – Category 6 Cable

This ethernet cable has improved speed specs and bandwidth capacity to adapt to your networking desires. The cable will deliver 1 Gbps speed over 100 meters and if you reduce the length to 50 meters it will deliver the speed of 10 Gbps.

The cat6 plenum bulk cable has been tested with a maximum bandwidth of 550 MHz. The copper wire  allows electric pulses (Data Packets) to pass through the whole wire quite easily and that is why this cable is used for longer runs. You can future-proof your cabling structure by buying this cable. Find more color options for Cat6 plenum ethernet cables.

Outer Jacket Rating – Plenum

This is the most secure jacket to choose for installation where there is a need for fire safety standards. This FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Polymers) rated material restricts fire progression. The LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) material also emits non-toxic smoke. So feel free to buy this premium material jacket to choose from for your commercial or residential setups.

Where To install plenum cat6 cable

You can use this indoor plenum cat6 cable at various places and also in non-plenum spaces of the building. The cable bears UV properties and holds extreme temperatures for the protection of the internal conductor. You can install the Cat6 plenum cable in the following spaces.

  • Horizontal runs
  • Drop ceilings
  • Above raised floors
  • Ventilation systems of the buildings
  • Attics
  • HVAC systems
  • Riser spaces

Shielded Cat6 Plenum Copper Cable

The shielded cat6 pure copper cable is protected by an additional insulation layer “Foil” and is commonly identified as F/UTP cable. This foil shield helps in protection against crosstalk and signal interference. The cable undergoes various tests and is approved to be used for fast ethernet applications and PoE. If you are not sure about the environment feel free to install Cat6 shielded cable to secure data loss and slow speed. In addition to this, Cat6 UTP cables are also available for stationary installation in your office, home, or as per your need. The UL-listed UTP cable is ready to install and is budget-friendly. Buy now to feel the difference in your networking.

How To Buy bulk Cat6 Plenum Cable?

Before selecting the cable make sure to remember a few factors that could affect your buying decisions. Always select the best category (Cat6 plenum pure copper cable) and location to identify the jacket ratings, STP or UTP according to the environment, industry standard cables. The buying is not complex. All you need to land on an authentic platform, choose the category, and that is it. Order now.

Bundled Cat6 Cable Packing

The Cat6 plenum cable comes in a 1000 ft wooden spool or pull box packing to save your installation time. The cat6 cable has sequential “Ft” markings on the entire length of the cable. This tangle-free packing will make your bulk installations more convenient and effortless. Buy a 1000ft Cat6 cable to upgrade your cabling infrastructure.

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