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The Perfect Connection For Your Networking Needs, Buy Now To Get Best Connectivity Experience.

Cat6a full form is “Augmented Category 6 Cable” the next-generation cable with 10 gigabit properties. It surely yields the best output results for networking and allows fast data transmission speed.

The internal structure of the cable is also improved; it bears a tightly twisted pair that is ideal for restricting crosstalk and interference. The Bulk Cat6a cable is also suitable for longer runs to retain speed and performance simultaneously.

The Transmission Speed Of Cat6a Bulk Cable

For your information, the augmented category 6 cable is known for its high transmission speed and can be used for short distances and longer distances.

In reality, the ideal length of ethernet cable to install is 100 meters (328ft). So, as for the cat6a cable, at (328ft) 100 meters the cable delivers 10 gigabit per second speed. Likewise, at shorter distances of 50 meters (164ft), the cable transmission speed is the same as 10 Gbit/s.

The cable tested has the highest bandwidth capacity and is a maximum of 750 MHz with a 23 AWG diameter conductor size.

Cat6a Cable Jackets

We ease your installation process by providing industry standard cable in Plenum, Riser ETL listed, and Riser premium cable to ensure performance and conductivity.

Cat6a Riser Cable

It is an indoor jacket made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). Cat6a cable’s riser jacket is fire resistant and can be used in riser shafts of the building, elevator shafts, and inside walls to secure the cable infrastructure.

The cat6a riser cable is best to install in vertical spaces of the building.

Cat6a Plenum Cable

An indoor jacket with high fire resistance capabilities. The plenum jacket of category 6a cable is made up of FEP-rated material to restrict fire progression. The plenum space in the building is enriched with maximum air supply and oxygen so there is a need to install industry-standard fire-resistant plenum cable.

You can deploy this cable in air ducts, horizontal shafts, attics, above-raised floors, drop ceilings, and the HVAC system of the building. It is also UV-resistant and can bear extreme temperatures and climatic conditions. The cable is not waterproof and moisture resistant.

Cat6a Riser Premium Cable

For safety reasons, we have a CAT6a cable riser premium jacket that meets and exceeds the industry standards in terms of safety and performance. The cable undergoes rigorous tests to ensure the cable meets all the industry requirements. The ETL-listed shielded and unshielded cable ensures speed and safety and can be a useful investment for your cabling solution. Get your quote for this premium jacket cable and upgrade your network for a seamless internet connection.

Cat6a UL-Listed Plenum Cable

This UL-listed Cat6a cable has been tested for safety standards and performance. The cable has been tested under a rigorous environment to know that cable has the set standards of the industry. With Cat6a UL listed cable you will get

  • Flame resistant jacket
  • Electrical Performance
  • Compliance with standards
  • Safety and reliability
  • Fast data transmission
  • Highest Bandwidth
  • Suitable for long runs

Cable Conductor

The cat6a cable core conductor is of pure copper to maintain signal integrity and secure fast data transmission speed. The cable has low electrical resistance and therefore is best among other ethernet cables.

The pure copper cable can future-proof your cabling infrastructure and you only need to upgrade the speed provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

With Cat6a cable, you can use it for major fast ethernet applications — 100BASE-T (Fast Ethernet) 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet), 10GBASE-T (10 Gigabit Ethernet), PoE/+/++ and 4PPoE, Audio/Video Streaming, ATM 155, IoT devices. The cable will work just fine and the copper conductor delivers strength to minimize the signal loss or attenuation.

Augmented Category 6 Cable UTP

We have a huge colorful range of UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable to install for your networking needs. The cable's internal structure is crafted and designed according to the requirements of the consumers. The 4 twisted pairs within the cable help in reducing external noises to minimize signal interference.

UTP cat6a cable is easy to install and comes in a wooden spool with sequential “ft” markings to know the remaining length of the cable. This untangle packing makes your installation way more effortless.

F/UTP Shielded Cat6a Cable

You can also buy our super secure shielded foil cat6a cable to use for complex wiring structures of your office and also in industry setups. The entire length of the cable has an additional insulation layer of foil to avoid external interference EMI or RFI to fluctuate signal strength. With F/UTP cat6a cable you can secure your speed and performance by external noise.

Buy From Smartech Cables

Smartech Cables provides the rightful resource ethernet cables for you to face the real-time speed and performance you always wish for. For that, we have manufactured and crafted our cables in multi-color design to manage cables easily and efficiently. We deliver high-quality ethernet cables for a seamless networking environment. We set the level of providing industry-standard ethernet cables and accessories.

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