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Ethernet Patch Cables:

If you are in need of cables that are not 1000ft long bulks, our ethernet network patch cables will serve you just well. Smartech Cables offers you a wide range of patch cables in varying lengths, colors, and other relevant configurations.

A patch cable is also referred to as a patch cord or a patch lead. It is designed for quality connections between an electronic device (for instance a computer) and patch panels, and switches and patch panels for the purpose of signal routing. A patch cable is terminated with connectors at both ends.

These cables are available as category 6 or ethernet network category 5 enhanced cat5e cable. They are manufactured in accordance with prevailing industry standards. All of our patch cables conform to EIA/TIA- T568A and T568B standards and they are UL-listed and RoHS-compliant as well.

As for the internal structure of these cables, we follow the standard twisted pair design. It includes four shielded or unshielded twisted pairs, each of easily identifiable color, and eight solid conductors.

The twists are made to be tighter so that cross-talk is minimized. Cross talk is that annoying effect that is produced when a signal from a cable overlaps and confuses another signal from another cable that is adjacent to it or is running nearby.

As an outcome, signal bleedings and distortions occur which undermine the integrity of your data and lead to the loss of data packets. The specifications for our ethernet network patch cables were tested.

It provides you with high performance, data transfer rates, greater data integrity, and low errors. Different types of Ethernet network patch cables have different data transfer rates and bandwidth capacities, for which they are tested. For quality connectivity, you can order in your desired length or color.

In contrast with structural cables, these ethernet network cables can address your cabling needs in tight spacings.

We have sufficient stocks of ethernet network patch cables available in multiple colors so they can be easily distinguished in a color-coordinated setup. And because these patch cables come in the non-bulk form of shorter and more convenient lengths, they are flexible, durable, and user-friendly to connect devices in a limited space. For any further information, you can give us a call or leave us an email.

We will be obliged to provide you with the best cost-effective cabling solution.

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