1000ft Cat5e Plenum Cable Solid CMP 350 Mhz 24 Awg

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1000ft Cat5e Plenum Cable:

The Smartech Cables, 1000ft cat5e plenum cables are for applications requiring high performance and high bandwidth and data transfer rates. It is perfect when you have to install cables in plenum rated cavities in a building structure. This particular high performance, the high-quality cable is a 1000ft long twisted pair cable with a plenum rated jacket. There are successive markings on the entire cable length. Each foot is marked on the outer jacket of the cable. In this way, you can easily pull out the length of the cable you require from the pull-out box it comes in. The cable is an improved version of the regular cat5 cable, and because of that, it is called Category 5 enhanced or Cat5e. It is intended to deliver you nothing less than quality transmission, reduction in cross-talk, high data transmission bandwidth, excellent attenuation, and high transmission speeds even for longer distances.

The cable is thoroughly tested for all the category 5e market standards, and other relevant industry norms. The cable meets and exceeds such standards. For instance, the current standard maintained by the Electronics Industries Association and Telecommunication Industries Association (EIA/TIA) for Cat5e is to support 100 MHz. However, our 1000ft Cat5e plenum cable is tested to support up to 350 MHz bandwidth frequency. In addition to that, it is suitable to support high speeds of up to 1000 Mbps gigabit speeds. It is recommended that you use this cable for voice streaming, video streaming, Token Ring Type 3, 10BASE-T (Ethernet), 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet) and 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet GbE).

This particular 1000ft cat5e plenum cable is a high-performance premium quality cable with a plenum-rated outer jacket. This means that the outer jacket is suitable for plenum-rated fire-sensitive plenum spaces in a building structure. A plenum-rated outer jacket contains fire retardant coatings and strict fire ratings as maintained by the National Fire Association NFPA 90A standard. The National Fire Association NFPA 90A standard mandates the use of plenum-rated cables in plenum spaces because a non-plenum can be replaced and restored by plenum rated cable but a plenum rated cable cannot be replaced and restored by the non-plenum cables.

A plenum space can easily catch fire because there is air in them which circulates through them. Therefore, only the cables with strict fire ratings i.e. plenum cables are suitable for such spaces.  Furthermore, this cable is perfect for the elimination of cross talk and other electromagnetic interferences. Cross talk and such interferences can really undermine the quality of your data output and transmissions. To prevent that, our cable is incorporated with the twisted pair design, tighter twists and stronger sheathing. Therefore, the cable has the ability to resist various advance forms of cross-talks like Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) and Alien Crosstalk (AXT). As a result of this ability to resist cross talks, the data integrity of the transmissions is improved, and a decline in loss of data packets is achieved.

Pairs: 4 Twisted Pairs
Cable: Cat5e CMP 0.50±0.01mm
Color: Blue
Conductor: CM 0.50±0.01mm – 4 Twisted Pairs
Frequency: 350 MHz
Insulation: FEP
Wire Gauge: 24 AWG
Spline Separating: 4 pairs
Length & Package: 1000 Feet 305Meter – EZ Pull Box
Installation Temp: 5°C to 75°C
Jacket & Shielding: CMP Jacket – Unshielded
Standard Compliances: ISO/IES ROHS Compliant


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