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Cat6a Riser Ethernet Cable, 1000ft UTP, 750 MHz, Solid Copper Ethernet Cable

Buy this supreme quality Cat6a ethernet cable to enhance your networking experience, The bulk cat6a riser cable is just one click away. The Cat6a is an “Augmented Category 6 Ethernet Cable” which is an improvised version of Cat6 and also caters to speed and bandwidth that previous cables lack.

This cable is a perfect solution to get future-proofing to your cabling infrastructure. The internal conductor of the cable allows you to maintain signal strength while you are in your working hours or playing online games. The 23 AWG conductor size of the cable is viable to provide top-notch performance.

Inside The Cat6a Cable

Inside the cat6a cable, 8 unshielded conductors are tightly twisted together to form 4 twisted pairs. These 4 twisted pairs are the reason for reducing crosstalk and interference present in the field. It also reduces Alien Crosstalk (AXT) and Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT). The Spline – a cross skeleton is beneficial to separate 4 twisted pairs to maintain signal integrity and it also reduces pair-to-pair crosstalk that might cause signal deterioration.

The UTP cable design is light and can be installed easily. You can peel off the cable jacket with ease by using the fiber cord – ripcord placed throughout the cable length. For termination, it uses an RJ45 connector to connect the cable with different hardware devices and also with patch panels and keystone jacks.

Optimum Performance

Speed is the main and primary focus of every internet user and therefore our Cat6a cable observes 10 Gbps speed at longer and shorter distances. At 100 meters (328ft), the maximum speed is 10 Gigabit per second. Similarly, at shorter distances, 50 meters (164ft) the maximum speed is 10 Gigabit per second.

The cable is also tested with the highest bandwidth speed of 750 MHz. Furthermore, the Cat6a riser cable can be opted for fast ethernet applications without compromising the throughput. Some of the major applications are

  • 100BASE-T (Fast Ethernet)
  • 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • 10GBASE-T (10 Gigabit Ethernet)
  • PoE/+/++ and 4PPoE
  • IoT devices
  • Gaming consoles
  • Network closets
  • Data centers
  • Audio/Video streaming
  • ATM 155

Riser Rated Jacket

The outer jacket of the Cat6a cable is riser-rated (Fire Resistive Jacket) which is made up of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). This indoor-rated jacket is suitable for vertical spaces of the building – inside walls, elevator shafts, and vertical shafts of the building.

The riser jacket is a cost-effective solution for you to get the desired gigabit speed for your daily work or while enjoying the free hours. The jacket emits less toxic smoke when exposed to fire so it cannot be used for horizontal runs of the building. Also, avoid installing this riser jacket outdoors as the cable's temperature range is 0 to 60 degrees and lacks waterproofing.

Applications Of Riser Cat6a Cable

For potential networking experience, you can install this cable in residential, commercial, and industrial setups. The cable is made to cater to longer runs and if you need to install this cable to get the speed for your network, make sure to check the environment before installing the cable as the UTP cable might fluctuate in speed when interacting with the complex wiring structure of the building.

Solid Copper Category 6a Cable

Inside the core of the cat6a cable, there is a solid conductor (Pure Copper) to enhance the efficiency of the cable. The copper has low electrical resistance and less insertion loss so you will get the desired speed for your network. It also has anti-corrosion properties which enhances the lifetime of this cable.

With copper cable, you will get the following advantages

  • Fast data transmission
  • Future-proofing
  • Suitable for major applications
  • Scalability
  • Backward compatibility

Industry Compliance Cable

We do understand the need for industry-standard cables and that is why all our cables are compliant with ANSI/TIA 568.2-C and RoHS verified. The industry standard cable will provide inner peace of mind and safety, it is rigorously tested by Fluke DTX-1800 Versiv Cable Analyser to cross-check the cable’s performance. Cat6a riser cable offers the right connection specifications for your needs. Upgrade your cabling structure with Cat6a to enhance productivity.

Untangled Packaging Design

The cable comes in a wooden spool to lessen the efforts of installation and also a tangle-free solution. Installation is quite complex and a bit tricky. To ease the length identification the entire length of the cable is marked with “Ft” in a sequence. You may not find any difficulty in knowing the remaining length of the cable and the bulk 1000ft cat6a cable will sort out your length requirements.

Why Smartech Cables?

At Smartech Cables, we provide high-end ethernet cables and accessories for catering to your daily networking needs. We are offering ethernet cables at a reasonable price without compromising the quality of the cable. Order Now to experience Fast Networking. We are here to serve you with the best quality cables. Enjoy your shopping with us.

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