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Streamline Your Wired Network Infrastructure with Cat6a Riser Pure Copper Cable

Buy Cat6a Riser Pure Copper Cable, a powerhouse for every network. The cable is the best combination of Pure Copper and Riser fire-resistant jacket. Bulk cat6a riser cable meets all the safety standards, making it a perfect demanding cable for suitable environments. 

Power of Cat6a Riser Pure Copper

The cable inner core comprises a Pure Copper conductor featuring a 23 AWG conductor size, which is ideal for delivering a maximum bandwidth of 750 MHz. Bulk Cat6a Riser twisted pairs are tight enough to cancel the crosstalk and maintain signal integrity. Following are the key features of the Cat6a Riser Bulk Cable. 

  • Unmatched Conductivity —  the cable is suitable for longer lengths of data transmission and a seamless networking experience. The cable is countable for efficient signal transmission, reliable conductivity, and lag-free networking experience. 
  • Blazing-Fast Speeds — Cat6a Riser cable is equipped with solid copper conductors that are twisted together and observe 6-7 twists per inch in the cable. The speed of the cable at longer and shorter distances remains the same (10 Gbps). The cable is backward compatible with previous versions of servers. 
  • Long-lasting Durability — The inner core offers greater resistance to corrosion thus enhancing the life of the cable.  There is no signal degradation and is quite flexible to install cable easily. 

Riser Jacket: Safety for Your Network Backbone

Riser jackets are also named CMR (Communication Multipurpose Riser), the outer jacket for indoor installation. This is a high-quality PVC jacket that offers fire resistance capacity to protect the cable jacket. The Cat6a riser cable can be installed in the Riser shafts, elevator shafts, and inside walls. By doing so you can secure the cable life and minimize the damaging risk. 


  • Fire Safety Compliance — the CMR jacket acts as a fire barrier and minimizes the spread of fire along the floor. If exposed to flames the riser jacket emits less toxic smoke but avoids conductor damage to the limited temperature range. This is the most appealing cable to meet the building codes that do not require strict air handling space compliance. 
  • Safe and Reliable — Buy this best combo Cat6a riser pure copper with high-speed ratings and a fire retardant jacket. Deploy your cabling infrastructure with the best ethernet cable that will provide you peace of mind and secure network infrastructure. 

Fast Ethernet Applications for Cat6a Riser Pure Copper:

Why Cat6a riser cable is the best fit for your cabling needs? Here is why. 

The cable is affordable and can be used for major Fast Ethernet Applications like; 

  • High-Performance Networks — It is best for server rooms, data centers, and other demanding environments — Commercial and Industrial applications. 
  • Bandwidth- Hungry Workstations — Best for online gaming, PoE/+/++ up to 100 watts, 10GBASE-T and 1000BASE-T, 2.5 GHz Ethernet, 5 GHz Ethernet, VoIP, etc. 
  • Future-Proofing — Cat6a riser cable delivers 10 Gbps speed and therefore with the increase in network growth (Server Speed), Cat6a cable is ready to tackle it without needing a cable upgrade. 

Upgrade to Futuristic Ethernet

Cat6a Riser Pure Copper cable acts as your network backbone for your businesses and high-density applications. It is a perfect blend of speed, durability, and safety. Get the maximum advantage from this cable and forget about the slow speed or buffering that keeps you waiting in your busy hours. Invest Right, Buy Now

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