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RJ 45 Connectors

Our RJ45 connectors are ideal for high-performance cabling requirements. If you need to cut bulk ethernet cables to customize them for your required length, you can use these crimp connectors to connect the cable with Keystone jacks.

Our state-of-the-art RJ45 connectors are highly resistant to extreme environments. They are easy to use and long-lasting.  These RJ45 ethernet connectors employ an 8p 8c mechanism. The 8 conductor wires of your cables will be crimped and tightly secured to the 8 pins of the connector.

Then, the gold-plated contacts will allow the signal to flow along the cable flawlessly once the connector is inserted into a keystone jack or any device. 

Connecting these connectors with ethernet cables is an easy and fun procedure. You will find EIA/TIA 568A/B color-coded standards.

Just strip the cable jacket and the wire and insert the cables into the appropriate spaces according to the color-coded label. Then use a crimping tool to tightly secure the wires with the pins.

These Keystone ethernet connectors are in compliance with all market safety and performance standards including RoHS. The gold-plated contacts of these ethernet connectors are the most efficient in the industry. They do not corrode and will easily withstand crosstalk and electromagnetic interference in high-density network environments. 

You can use them for all ethernet applications such as fast ethernet, gigabit ethernet, and 10G ethernet. The precisely integrated structure of these connectors will never lag in allowing your data packets to pass.

At Smartech Cables, we design and manufacture long-lasting RJ45 Ethernet Connectors which are easy to use and can perform seamlessly in heavy networks. Additionally, we offer the fastest shipping and 24/7 customer support. On orders above $100, we also provide free shipping. 

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