Cat6a Plenum Cable

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Empower Your Network with High-Speed Cat6a Plenum Cable

The Cat6a Plenum Cable dictates a significant addition to network connectivity. The cable is a far better option than its predecessor as it is exceptional in performance, Fastest in speed, and ideal for high-density applications. There is a lot to understand about this Cat6a Plenum cable. 

About Cat6a Plenum Cable

The core part of the Cat6a Cable has a pure copper conductor. This elevates some of the main advantages of this cable: 

  • Enhanced Conductivity — The Cat6a bulk cable delivers constant speed at longer and shorter lengths, the maximum speed you will get is 10 Gbps. The internal structure of the cable is quite improvised and has 6-7 twists per inch to null and void the effect of crosstalk and signal interference. The 23 AWG conductor size is ideal for PoE and other major applications. You can have a maximum bandwidth of 750 MHz from this cat6a cable. 
  • Unmatched Performance — The Bulk Cat6a Plenum pure copper cable allows you to use it for the major fast ethernet applications like PoE/+/++ (4PPoE) 2.5 GHz Ethernet, 5 GHz Ethernet, Audio/Video Streaming, 4K and 8K, 100/1000BASE-T, 10GBASE-T, VoIP, etc. 
  • Durability Test — Pure copper conductor is naturally resistant to corrosion properties for long-lasting results. It has a low electrical resistance and good value for heat dissipation which makes it an ideal choice for using it for fast data transmission. 

The Plenum Advantage: Safety First

The outer jackets of the cable explain the right use of the ethernet cable that meets stringent fire safety standards. Here is why a plenum-rated jacket is the prime choice. 

  • CMP (Communication Multiple Plenum) — An FEP-rated cable with LSZH properties to eliminate toxic emissions if the cable is exposed to fire. The plenum material halts the progression of flames so it meets fire safety standards. This 1000ft Cat6a plenum cable is a UV-resistant jacket that can withstand harsh climate conditions. It can only be used indoors for maximum lifespan.
  • Building Code Compliance: The plenum cable is used to install horizontal shafts (Attics, drop ceilings, HVAC systems).  Choosing Cat6a plenum cable will future-proof your network and also the fire safety ratings. 

Beyond Speed and Safety: Additional Benefits of Cat6a

While Speed and Safety are paramount to Cat6a plenum cable still it offers other benefits. 

  • Futureproofing — Bulk Cat6a cable can handle 10 Gbps speed and its spare bracket for the future upgradation of your server speed and the addition of intensive applications. 
  • Reduced Crosstalk — Cat6a internal structure is quite improved as you can see the twisted pair are tightly bound to avoid entering the outside signal and disturbing the signal integrity. 

Who Needs a Cat6a Cable?

Cat6a plenum cable is quite useful when you need;

  • High-Performance Networks — Residential, Commercial, and Industrial applications. 
  • Bandwidth-Intensive Workstations — This needs to cater to high-demand applications like multimedia editing, gaming consoles, and PoE++ up to 100 watts. 
  • Longer Cable lengths — To increase the cable length for optimum results and potentially cater to demanding applications like in factories, education sectors, and healthcare. 

Beyond The Basics

This is the complete package with pure copper conductors along with a plenum jacket making it a perfect combination to get the maximum benefits — speed and safety. It offers superior performance and enhanced durability. The cable is backward compatible with its previous version so it has covered your back by providing the best throughput and seamless speed.

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