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Bulk Cat6a Plenum Cable, 1000ft, Solid Copper, 750 MHz 23 AWG U/UTP

The Cat6a cable is an "augmented category 6 cable" that will provide you with the best transmission rates that your previous cable was not able to provide you with.

The 10G capacity of ethernet cable speeds up your daily operations and you will not wait longer. The cable features a plenum jacket, 23 AWG diameter, and is secure for longer runs.

The industry standard cable with a solid copper conductor will enhance your performance and transfer bulk files in less time.

The Internal Structure Of Cat6a Cable

The category 6a cable resembles the internal structure of Cat5e ethernet cable and cat6 ethernet cable but with improved characteristics to reduce crosstalk (AXT) and (NEXT) along with interference.

The 4 twisted pairs are tightly bound together for the sake of transferring signals without interfering with outside electrical signals.

Inside the cable jacket, there is a Spline/Cross skeleton to separate the twisted pair to avoid pair-to-pair crosstalk and also strengthen the cable signal quality. Furthermore, the cable comes with a rip cord that helps in peeling the cable jacket without damaging the wires.

Enhanced Performance

The Cat6a plenum cable can be installed using two length measurements – Longer and shorter. The ideal length of installation is 100 meters (328ft). Likewise, at 100 meters in length, the cable delivers 10 Gbps speed, and at shorter distances of 50 meters, the maximum speed is 10 Gbps respectively.

The Cable uses a pure solid copper conductor and that is why it has enhanced performance and conductivity. The 23 AWG conductor size is responsible for the highest bandwidth; the maximum tested bandwidth of the Cat6a cable is 750 MHz.

With such specs, the cable is susceptible to work for major fast ethernet applications like 100BASE-T (Fast Ethernet), 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet), and 10GBASE-T (10 Gigabit Ethernet), IoT devices, surveillance systems (PoE/+/++), A/V streaming, 4K streaming, and also for gaming consoles.

Why Use A Plenum Jacket?

The hidden characteristics of ethernet cable reside in its cable jacket capabilities. The plenum jacket is a (Fluorinated Ethylene Polymers) FEP-rated high fire retardant material. The indoor jacket is only used for plenum and non-plenum spaces of the building where they show maximum lifespan if installed properly.

The LSZH material of the plenum emits non-toxic smoke to prevent the environment from getting filled with hazardous smoke. It is also UV-resistant and can bear extreme temperatures to prevent the internal structure of the cable. You can deploy plenum-rated cables in air ducts, attics, ventilation ducts, HVAC systems, drop ceilings, etc.

Only plenum cables can be installed in the vertical and horizontal shafts of the building – plenum and non-plenum spaces of the building. The cable can be deployed in commercial, residential, and industrial setups and you can also use this cable for longer runs to maintain signal and connectivity seamlessly.

Industry Compliance Cable

Buy our industry-compliant cables to future-proof your cabling solutions. The cable is verified with ANSI/TIA 568-C.2 and is RoHS compliant. It is also rigorously tested under the Fluke DTX-1800 Versiv Cable Analyser to ensure the desired performance for your network. With Cat6a cable you will secure reliability and durability, cost-effectiveness, scalability (Can update speed of your network), future-proofing, secure networking, and compliance with regulations.

Untangled Packing Design

We know the installation process of ethernet cables is quite complex and for that, all our cat6a cable comes in wooden spool with an untangled design that will make your installation quite effortless. Also, the entire length of the cable has a series of “ft” markings to know the remaining length of the cable.

The bulk design will simplify the problem of length and you can use it in the future.

Benefits Of Cat6a Plenum Cable

There are several benefits associated with cat6a cable that will surely escalate your interest in buying this cable. Enhance your networking speed with the salient features of cat6a cable that are as follows

  • Plenum rated
  • High protection
  • Fire resistant
  • Backward compatible
  • 10 Gbps data transfer speed
  • Versatility
  • Reduced EMI and RFI

If you want Quality Ethernet Cables simply add this bulk cat6a plenum cable to your cart and enjoy free shipping above $99.9. We compromise on price rather than quality. Enjoy your shopping with us.

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