The Importance of Proper Cable Management

Messy ethernet cables are products are of poor cable management. A properly managed ethernet cable set and optimum connectivity go hand in hand. Be it Cat5 Cable, Cat6 Cable, or Cat6a cable, cable management remains a vital component of overall networking. In this article, our experts will share some proven tips regarding cable management. Follow them and enjoy optimum connectivity. 

Proper Cable Management - Pick Right Category

Ethernet cables come in different categories, such as Cat5e ethernet cable, Cat6 ethernet cable, and Cat6a ethernet cable. What separates each category from the other is bandwidth capacity and data transfer speeds. For optimum results, you should always pick the right ethernet cable. If there are no budget constraints, we recommend you go with either Cat6 cable or Cat6a cable; both of these cables not only deliver lightning-fast data speed but also future-proof your network for any upgrades. 

But before proceeding any further, you should know that ethernet cable management is important because mismanagement leads to heat retention that ultimately results in hardware failures or maintenance headaches. Just by investing your time, you can save yourself from a wide array of problems in the future. 

Proper Cable Management - Label Every Ethernet Cable

When implementing ethernet cable management, the first and foremost thing to do is to label every cable. Doing so pays great dividends in the future as you can trace and fix faulty cables within a blink of an eye. And it is not only the ethernet cables that you need to label, labeling power cables, patch cables, and any other cable in your network is as important as is labeling the main ethernet cable. When you have full awareness of what goes where, you are in full command of your ethernet network. 

Proper Cable Management - Measurements

Measure twice, cut once. This maxim couldn’t be more true when it comes to cable management. Exact measurements not only reduce ethernet cables’ waste but doing so also reduces cable expenses. Some ethernet cables such as Cat6a shielded and UL/ETL listed are relatively much more expensive than other ethernet cables. So, when you reduce cable waste, you are ultimately slashing your overall networking cost. 

Proper Cable Management - Data Speed

Proper ethernet cable management results in seamless connectivity. When you know that cable run should not exceed 50 meters or 100 meters, you get the maximum data transfer rates from your Cat5e Cable, Cat6 Cable, and Cat6a cable.

The length measurements also influence the bandwidth capacity of all categories of ethernet cables. Therefore, always pick measure proper lengths to get maximum data transfer speeds. 

Sharp Bends Ruin Ethernet Cables

Sharp bends destroy your ethernet cables and result in transmission failures. Obviously, being a network administrator, this is the last thing you would desire. Sharp bends take an equal toll on your network, irrespective of the quality of the ethernet cable and types. Constant bending severely plummets the data transfer speeds and connectivity faces interruption in regular intervals. 

Ethernet Cables & Price Factor 

To get quality results, you need quality cables. And it is no secret that quality comes at a specific price tag. Shielded Ethernet cables have greater protection against crosstalk whereas solid copper conductors have excellent attenuation and EMI characteristics. Again, if there are no budget constraints, you should purchase the best quality ethernet cables. We, at Smartech Cables, manufacture the best ethernet cables including Cat6 Plenum cable

Other factors that are essential to proper cable management are isolating cables by their types and taking the proper time to terminate ethernet cables.