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  1. Bulk Cat5e Plenum Pure Copper Cable 1000ft 350 MHz 24 AWG UTP Pull Box
  2. Bulk Cat5e Riser Cable 1000ft CCA 350 Mhz 24 AWG UTP Pull Box
  3. Bulk Cat5e Riser Pure Copper Cable ETL Listed 1000ft 350 MHz 24 AWG UTP
    As low as $119.99
  4. Bulk Cat5e Plenum CCA Cable 1000ft 350 Mhz 24 Awg CMP Pull Box
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Boost Your Network's Bandwidth with High-Quality Bulk Cat5e Cable

Cat5e Ethernet cable is the speed booster for your network and server needs. Bulk Cat5e cables are considered the workhorses of modern networking, offering reliable and cost-effective solutions for your cabling needs. This category page dictates all variants of Cat5e Ethernet Cable (Pure Copper and CCA). It caters to the most protective (Plenum and Riser) jacket ratings to help you idealize the perfect selection for your networking and server installation needs. 

Cat5e Cable: The Bandwidth Boost

The enhanced Category 5 cable is an improved version of its previous Cat5 standard cable offering a significant Bandwidth of 350 MHz and supporting Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps) transmission speed. This makes Bulk cat5e cable ideal for everyday networking requirements like browsing the web, streaming HD videos, and transferring large files. 

Conductor Showdown of enhanced Category 5 cable: CCA vs. Pure Copper

This is one of the most prioritized matters when choosing the conductor of the cable, what you need:

  • CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum): First thing first, the CCA is a cost-effective conductor to choose for temporary installations. It is ductile, reliable, and supports Gigabit speed while experiencing higher signal interference over longer lengths of the cable. 
  • Pure Copper or Solid Copper: Cat5e Copper conductor cables are a bit expensive but they deliver phenomenal features like the fastest transmission, Lag-free experience, good for PoE applications, and 10/100/1000BASE-T Fast and Gigabit Ethernet. Pure copper cat5e cables are the preferred choice for the applications requiring maximum performance. 
  • Features 24 AWG diameter size to facilitate you with the best possible electrical (Data Packets) to provide your server the right speed at the right time. 

Cat5e Cable Jacket Ratings: Choosing the Right Armor

Carefully choose the right jacket for your cable protection for horizontal and vertical spaces of the building. The jacket determines its suitability for various environments. These Plenum and Riser are indoor jackets and their lifespan depends on the environment. 

  • Plenum (CMP): Cat5e plenum cable is an FEP-rated material cable which makes it a highly fire-resistant jacket to bear harsh temperatures. The plenum is good for Horizontal spaces of the buildings. A CMP jacket is necessary to meet the fire safety standards of the building. 
  • Riser (CMR):  Riser-rated cat5e cables offer flame resistance and are suitable for vertical runs within buildings, such as between floors or within fire-rated shafts.

When to Choose 

  • Pure Copper + Plenum Jacket — If you want maximum performance for longer runs and also manage fire safety in office buildings choose pure copper Cat5e plenum cable with a CMP jacket. 
  • Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) + Riser — This is a budget-friendly combination to cater to shorter lengths within a single floor (Vertical Spaces) where fire safety is not a mandatory concern. 
  • Pure Copper + Riser — For prioritizing performance over longer runs within a floor and also managing fire safety standards, you can choose this Cat5e riser cable. 

Beyond the Basics

This is just the beginning of Cat5e's journey. Explore our high-quality cat5e cable listings to find the best cable in bulk lengths and colors with CCA and Pure Copper Conductors along with Plenum and Riser Jackets. Choose the Bulk Cable Box for large-scale network installations.

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