Top 5 Best Practices for Network Cable Installation

Cable installation and management are tasks that require some specialization and prior knowledge. High-quality ethernet cables like Cat6 ethernet cables require regular maintenance so that they continue to provide lightning-fast data transfer rates. Therefore, if you don’t have any prior knowledge about cable installation and management, you need not worry as we have got you covered. All you need is to stay with us till the end. So, let’s begin!

Avoid bundling cables over each other

The first and foremost thing while installing cable is that you should avoid bundling ethernet cables over each other. If you bundle cables over each other, it will ultimately lead your cables towards performance degradation. Also, ensure that all of your ethernet cables are twisted together so that electromagnetic interference is reduced. 

Never Apply Extra Twists 

You have to ensure that you have separated all ethernet cables (copper cables) and fiber optic cables. It is because the weight of your high-quality ethernet cables can crush the fiber optic cables (provided that you have placed fiber optic cables below the ethernet cables). 

Always use those ethernet cables that show resistance against bend loss. Also, it is always beneficial to have additional cables in the stores. When installing ethernet cables, you have to ensure that you are avoiding extra twists as they can stress the cable (which will ultimately lead to performance degradation). Other actions that can stress your cable are bending your ethernet cables beyond bend radius, applying pressure or stapling with the cable ties, and creating tensions in the suspension runs. 

Always label the cables

It always comes in handy in traceability and identification. Therefore, during the installation of the ethernet cables, always label each one of them at every and termination point. Also, our cable experts believe that you should never run ethernet cables through pipes and holes as doing so will curtail the addition of cable runs in the future. 

Test Every Ethernet Cable

It always comes in handy to test every cable during the termination and installation phase. If you face a problem while testing, separate the faulty cables. You should also avoid exposing your high-quality ethernet cables to direct sunlight and condensation. If there are any abandoned cables, it is better to remove them as they are of no benefit. Rather, abandoned cables curtail airflow and increase operational temperatures (thus, taking a toll on the durability of your whole network system). 

Always use higher categories Ethernet cables

It is always better to use higher categories ethernet cables as they give you room for up-gradation to meet application requirements in the future. Likewise, avoid leaving ethernet cables on the floor and always use horizontal, vertical, and overhead cable managers. Another useful tip is to use cable spool devices, doing so will prevent sharp bends and kinks. 

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