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  1. Cat6 Riser Bare Copper 550 Mhz 23 Awg ETL UL Listed And TAA-compliant Cable
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  2. Cat6 Riser Rated Cable (CMR) 550Mhz 23Awg CCA UTP Pull Box
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Reduce The Networking Gap, Buy The Cat6 Riser Cable Now – Reliable and Fast

This is a bulk Cat6 riser cable category. Renowned for its significant performance and high-speed data transmission. It delves into the world of the Cat6 riser with its core part — conductor (Bare Copper vs CCA). It will help you identify the perfect possible cable for your server needs. 

Cat6 Riser Speed Specs

It's an advanced ethernet cable that supports 1/10 Gbps speed over 100/50 meters in length. The 23 AWG conductor size helps sustain the required speed for your networking and the tight twisted pairs are involved in reducing the external interference (Attenuation). The cable is a perfect combo for Fast Ethernet Applications (Gaming, PoE, VoIP, 100/1000BASE-T, 10GBASE-T. 2.5 GHz Ethernet, 5 GHz Ethernet, 4K streaming). 

Choosing Your Conductor in Cat6 Riser — Bare Copper or CCA

  • Riser Bare CopperCat6 Riser bare copper cables are associated with performance. The core part is important, and when there is a need to transfer bulk data, choose bulk Cat6 bare copper cable for your installation needs. Bare copper cables are quite famous for longer cable lengths and applications that require maximum stability. 
  • Riser CCA (Copper-Clad Aluminum) — A budget-friendly option – Bulk Cat6 Riser CCA cables. It uses an aluminum core cladded with a thin layer of copper. It is flexible, for shorter lengths, and is selected for temporary installation. The bulk Cat6 CCA cable offers good performance. Not suitable for PoE and longer lengths. 

Riser Jacket: Safety First

A riser is the outer jacket of the Cat6 cable, which provides strength and capacity to fight against fire and flames. It determines the installation location within the building. 

  • Riser (CMR) — A PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) jacket having fire resistance properties and is quite durable when installed in vertical spaces of buildings. The temperature-bearing capacity of the riser is -0℃ 60℃. 

Which One Should You Choose?

Choose the right cable according to the:

  • Bare copper cables — for optimum performance and longer lengths.
  • Budget-friendly option — Cat6 CCA bulk cable is suitable. 
  • For indoor vertical installation — a Cat6 riser with either conductor type is best for you. 

Beyond the Basics:

Take a glance at our Bulk Cat6 riser cable category in Bare Copper and CCA conductor along with the Riser jacket. For better understanding explore our bulk Cat6 riser cable in different colors with both CCA and Bare Copper conductors. We offer trusted quality bulk cable boxes for easy installation and minimizing time. 

For any query feel free to reach out to us or call our experienced customer support team. We would like to hear from you. We strive hard toward building a robust structure of quality networks.

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