Wireless vs. Wired Network, Which is Better?

Which internet network is better? Wireless or wired? To answer this question, our experts on networking have listed three qualities that make an internet network preferable. This article will explain those three attributes you should look for before buying an internet network.

Speed and Reliability:

You cannot simply compromise on the internet speed, can you? And you won't settle for a network that is secure and inexpensive unless it's fast. And, of course, what good is an affordable and safe network if it isn't fast.

So, let's talk about the speed that various internet networks offer.

Wireless connections provide decent data transfer rates. For instance, your 3G/4G cellular internet does its job fine, but can you use it to access the internet on your computer or smart TV? Probably not. Because limited data packages run out long before their validity period, and it stalls when you connect it with your laptop or smart TV. It is simply a demand beyond its designed application.

3G/4Gout of the equation, now let's talk about Wi-Fi. It is another typical example of a wireless internet network that is widely used.

It provides decent speed if you have a high-end router and a premium package. However, according to the popular internet blog Plug Things In, good internet speed is not a token of fast internet. Your internet speed might be "good" and still struggle to transport your data back and forth.

Wired internet connections, simply put, are tangible and reliable. For example, according to Business Insider, ethernet cables are faster than wireless internet connections and offer even more qualities.

You can plug in your ethernet cable, and it will work smoothly, irrespective of your distance from the router, as opposed to a wireless network that requires proximity to provide optimum speed.

Here's a secret: Most corporate offices and tech geeks use high-quality ethernet cables to connect with the world wide web.


Before you buy an internet connection, you must question its security features. Questions such as, is it vulnerable to hackers? Does it disclose my personal data to the service provider? And importantly, can you control who connects with your internet connection?

Now, to state a fact, wireless connections from a security point of view are pretty notorious. Think about a Wi-Fi connection. It literally broadcasts your internet connection for anyone with a password or the hacking skills to connect with it. And hackers have taken advantage of that.

But wired connections, however, pass this criterion without effort because of the very nature of the network, which is tangible, and physical presence is a prerequisite for connecting with it. Which ultimately makes ethernet cables the most secure type of internet network you can have. And a high-quality ethernet cable provides not just highly secure but also a fast and reliable internet connection.

Cost and maintenance:

An unwritten but widely acknowledged rule is that you can get almost anything you want if you pay the cost. And such is the case with the internet. But, we are looking for the best internet network that costs the least to purchase and maintain, not the other way around.

Now, you are probably familiar with the costs of typical wireless internet connections.

If you purchase limited cellular data packages, they will run out long before their validity period, ultimately costing twice or three times the original cost.

And the Wi-Fi network at a fair price wouldn't offer the speed you need, and the network speed you need would cost you a rather hefty sum.

It's never a win-win game, unfortunately.

But if you consider the value-for-money you get in a wired network is indeed a win-win. For instance, a high-quality ethernet cable provides phenomenal bandwidth speeds, and the connection is stable, with almost no latency.

And if you want to connect your home or office with the internet, ethernet cables in bulk will be a wise choice. Bulk ethernet cables will provide the fastest and most secure connection to your entire office or home at a fair price and the bargain of mobility.


The bottom line is that when you compare wired and wireless networks, the former type outperforms the latter.

However, it doesn't suggest that wireless connections are a terrible choice. In fact, with decent data transfer rates and mobility, wireless is a more advanced technology. But if you need an inexpensive network with excellent speed and efficiency, an ethernet cable is the way to go.

If you want to make your internet connection more secure, pocket-friendly, and fast, we recommend these high quality ethernet cables. And if you are looking for ethernet cables in bulk, these are the finest quality in the market and they meet and exceed all ANSI/TIA standards.