Ethernet Category 6 Patch Cord

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  • High Quality Cat6 Patch Cable
  • 24 AWG 550 MHz UTP Riser
  • Length available 1ft – 25ft
  • 4 Twisted Pair Pure Copper

Gigabit Frontier: Unchain the Power of Cat 6 Patch Cords

Elevate your network performance with robust Cat 6 patch cords, the classic cables for blazing-fast gigabit Ethernet connections. Ditch unreliable Wi-Fi and experience the unwavering stability and lightning-speed data transfer that only wired connections can offer.

Crafted for Excellence

  • Gigabit Backbone – Cat 6 cables boast a bandwidth of up to 550MHz faster. Stream high-definition content, and games without lag, and power through data-intensive tasks with ease.
  • Future-proofed Infrastructure – Built to handle the ever-growing demands of modern networking, Cat 6 patch cables are backward compatible with Cat 5e, ensuring seamless integration with your existing equipment.
  • Precision Engineering – Featuring twisted-pair conductors, Cat 6 cables minimize crosstalk and electromagnetic interference, guaranteeing crystal-clear data transmission.
  • Unshakeable Reliability – Constructed with high-quality materials and robust connectors, Cat 6 cables withstand everyday wear and tear, delivering long-lasting performance.
  • Length Variations – Available in 1-foot to 25-foot length for your ideal installation lengths and can deliver 10 Gbps speed. 

Industry Standards

  • Industry Compliance
  • Ensures adherence to strict safety regulations for peace of mind.
  • Free from harmful substances like lead and mercury for environmentally conscious choices.

Beyond Speed

The benefits of Cat 6 patch cords extend far beyond raw speed. Their superior stability and reduced latency make them ideal for:

  • Online gaming – Experience real-time responsiveness and eliminate lag for a truly immersive gaming experience.
  • Video conferencing – Enjoy smooth, uninterrupted video calls without choppy visuals or frustrating audio delays.
  • Home office productivity – Power through heavy workloads with confidence, knowing your network won't be the bottleneck.
  • Streaming – Say goodbye to buffering and enjoy seamless playback of your favorite movies and shows in stunning high definition.

Invest in the future of your network with Cat 6 patch cords. Experience the exhilarating power of gigabit speeds and unlock the full potential of your wired devices.

Additional Tips

  • Choose the right cable length for your needs to avoid unnecessary clutter.
  • Consider shielded Cat 6 cables for environments with high electromagnetic interference.
  • Opt for snagless boots to protect your connectors from accidental damage.

With Cat 6 patch cords, you're not just connecting devices, you're connecting to a world of possibilities.

Weight Dependent on length and quantity.
Dimensions Dependent on length and quantity.
Length: 10 Ft Pure Copper, 15 Ft Pure Copper, 20 Ft Pure Copper, 25 Ft Pure Copper, 1 FT Pure Copper, 3 FT Pure Copper, 5 FT Pure Copper
Color: Black
Standard Compliances: FCC, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, RoHS
Frequency: 550MHz
Cable Jacket: UTP Riser
Pairs: 4 Twisted Pairs
Wire Gauge: 24-AWG
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