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Ethernet Category 6 Patch Cord Black


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Category 6 Patch Cord Black:

Even in today’s postmodernity where most connections are wireless, high-quality network cables are a must if you want to establish reliable connections in the long run. At Smartech Cables, we intend to make available for you premium quality cabling solution at the lowest affordable price possible. The cable is a category 6 patch cord or patch cable that is available in different feet length. The exterior of the cable is of a quality polyvinyl chloride PVC jacket in standard black color. The physical measurement of this cable makes it accommodate itself in limited spaces. A patch cable is also referred to as a patch cord or a patch lead. It is designed for quality connections between an electronic device (for instance a computer) and patch panels, and switches and patch panels for signal routing.

The category 6 patch cable in the black, blue, white color is made of 23 AWG American Wire Gauge copper conductors. The total number of the copper conductors in this patch cable is eight and with that, there are four unshielded twisted pairs. This twisted pair design is so to observe the new standards mandated for the cat cables. The pairs are twisted so that unwanted interferences from nearby pairs do not disturb the transmission of data. The tighter these twists are the better is the prevention against the unwanted effect. In technical terms, this unwanted effect (which may include electromagnetic interference (EMI), signal leakage or signal bleeding) is referred to as cross-talk. Cross talk can potentially risk the smoothness of your data transmissions. It can bring about errors in it. Our patch cable in different lengths of feet black, white, blue color is ideal in such a situation as it is designed, incorporating tighter twists and stronger and thicker sheathing, in such a way that it minimizes cross talk to an acceptable level. Conclusively, this cable is more resistant to Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) and Alien Crosstalk (AXT), and because of that greater data integrity with reduced packet loss is promoted.

Cat6 patch cable with different feet in the black color is TIA/EIA verified, RoHS Compliant. The electronic characteristics of patch cable are superior to the standards enunciated by the Electronic Industries Alliance/Telecommunication Industries Association. Apart from the black color of this particular patch cable, there are multiple other colors available as for the external jacket. Furthermore, we have several different lengths available for you to choose from.

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Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 3.20 × 3.20 × 0.23 in

10 Ft, 15 Ft, 20 Ft, 25 Ft, 1 FT, 3 FT, 5 FT

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Green, Yellow, Gray, Black

Velocity Ratio: 65%
Wire Gauge: 23 AWG
Frequency: 550 MHz
Spline Separating: 4 Pairs UTP
Installation Temp: 0°C to 60°C
Cable: Cat6 PVC 0.57±0.01mm
Jacket & Shielding: PVC Jacket – Unshielded
Standard Compliances: ISO/IES ROHS Compliant
Conductor: 0.57±0.01mm – 4 Twisted Pairs
Length 10 Inch, 1.5Ft, 3Ft, 4.5Ft, 5Ft, 9Ft, 12.5Ft, 18Ft, 21Ft, 30Ft, 45Ft – EZ Pull Packet
Color: Black
Applications: 100 Base-T4 – 100 Base-TX – 100VG – Any LAN – 1000 Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet) – 155 Mbps ATM – 622 Mbps AT

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