Cat6 Riser Bare Copper 550 Mhz 23 Awg ETL UL Listed And TAA-compliant Cable

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  • 1000ft, UTP Riser 23 AWG Cable
  • 100% Pure Copper Conductor
  • 4 Twisted Pair Cable, 550 MHz
  • 1 Gbps/ 10GbE Speed, PoE
  • UL, ETL, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, RoHS Certified

Rely on Rock-Solid Connectivity with Cat6 Riser ETL Cable - The Essential Twisted Pair Cable for High-Speed Networking

Ethernet cables are the primary source of connectivity when there is a demand for high-speed data transmission. For that reason, the twisted pair cables are the right selection for connecting computers, routers, modems, and other hardware devices to seamlessly transfer information.

Here get to know about the key features of the Cat6 riser ETL cable, about its speed, and about the riser-rated jacket. You can buy this cable to ensure smart and reliable networking.Cat6 Riser Bare Copper 550 Mhz 23 Awg ETL UL Listed And TAA-compliant Cable image

Overview About Category 6 Cable

The cat6 ethernet cable is the next advanced category in ethernet cable. The cable has some salient properties including gigabit speed and high bandwidth. The cable is used in residential, commercial, and industrial setups where there is a need to run cable indoors. Moreover, the cat6 riser cable meets and exceeds the industry standards. It means you can have a secure cabling infrastructure.

In addition to this, the bare copper cat6 riser cable has 8 separate wires – conductors. Each wire of the cat6 is color-coded and these color codes basically idealize to form 4 twisted pairs which ultimately help transfer signals at a fast pace. 

Moreover, inside the cat6 riser cable, there is a rip cord to cut the cable easily for termination with an RJ45 plug. Thus, making it backward compatible with older types of equipment. The cat6 has a spline — a plastic material with 4 corners to separate twisted pairs and to strengthen the twisted pairs avoiding kinks or breakage of the conductor. It also helps in reducing pair crosstalk. Now let’s peek a bit closer at the speed specification of the cat6 ETL cable.

The Transmission Speed Of Cat6

Cat6 pure copper cable shows the best speed specifications compared to its counterpart Cat5e. The speed of transmission is variable according to the length of the cable. For example: At the length of 100 meters (328 ft) the maximum speed of the Cat6 riser cable is 1 Gbps. Similarly, if we use a length of 50 meters (164 ft) at this distance the maximum speed you will get is 10 Gbps (Gigabit Speed). The cable is marked to deliver the highest bandwidth as well. The tested bandwidth of Cat6 is 550 MHz.

This is the ideal speed to cater to fast ethernet applications and to smoothly conduct daily operations either at business or at home. Some of the major applications are described below

  1. 100/1000BASE-T
  2. 10GBASE-T
  3. PoE/+/++, 4PPoE up to 100W
  4. Audio/Video Streaming
  5. Gaming consoles
  6. ATM 155
  7. 100 VG ANYLAN
  8. IoT (Internet of Things)

These are the most prominent applications of CAT6 bare copper cable to serve your network with the right type of speed and performance. You can also avail by upgrading your network to Cat6 riser cable. The next is about the Cat6 internal conductor.Cat6 Riser Bare Copper 550 Mhz 23 Awg ETL UL Listed And TAA-compliant Cable Desciption Image

Cat6 Bare Copper Conductor

The core part of the cat6 riser cable is a pure copper conductor to perform the best outcomes regarding speed and performance. Copper is ranked as the best-conducting material with less electrical resistance and insertion loss. It also has anti-corrosive properties and that enhances the lifespan of the cable. So you can transfer bulk files within less time without any flaws.

The Cat6 cable conductor diameter is 23 AWG and that is why they show maximum speed and conductivity. It is right that copper cables are quite expensive than other conductors such as CCA but when performance is the major concern then you have to adopt the pure copper cat6 ethernet cable. Add this cable to your wishlist to buy instantly for best results.

For convenient ethernet connection, select the best among Cat6 Riser Solid Copper Cables. In spite of the ethernet cable conductor, there is another important thing — the outer jacket of the cable to know about its properties and installation locations.

Riser Rated Cat6 Cable

The cat6 is available in blue, white, green, red, and yellow jackets but what are the chemical properties of the jacket? The Cat6 outer jacket is made up of a riser — a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) material having fire resistance and also emits less toxic smoke when exposed to fire. 

The need for a riser indoor jacket is to install cable within the building to protect the cable's internal structure and the outer part of the cable. You can use Cat6 riser cable copper cables in vertical shafts, inside walls, and in elevator shafts where they show maximum lifespan if installed properly.

The riser is only for indoor installations and it is not good to use riser cables for outdoor installations but if you are doing so make sure to use conduit to protect the cable jacket. Last but not least, is it easy to install cable? Here is how it goes.

Packaging — Cat6 ETL Copper Cable

Our state-of-the-art Cat6 ethernet cable is manufactured in Taiwan under strict supervision to secure the cable quality. Likewise, Cat6 packing is under the terminology of providing convenience for installation to consumers or cable installers. For that reason, the cable comes in an easy-to-pull box. The outer cone of the box is large in diameter so that the pulling of wire is quite easy and less strain is applied to avoid any kink or damage to the conductor of the cable.

Moreover, the cable has sequential ‘Ft” markings on every foot so that it is easy for the installers to identify the remaining length of the cable. This tangle-free packing saves much of your installation time and effort and is 1000ft in length to use for various projects.

What Is ETL Listed Cat6 Bare Copper Cable?

For safety and secure installation, the cable has to pass through several industry-standardized tests to be used for commercial or residential setups. ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) is the standard of speed and performance of the cable whether the cable can be used for gigabit specifications or not. Therefore, it is mandatory to use ETL-listed cables to get maximum satisfaction.  

The Cat6 riser 1000 ft is ETL-listed and also ANSI/TIA 568-C.2 and is RoHS compliant. The cable is also verified by Fluke DTX-1800 Versiv Cable Analyzer for maximum safety of the cable.

Buy this premium CAT6 riser bare pure copper cable to get fast networking speed for your business or at home. The ideal platform to get your desired cable. Moreover, you can find needed Cable accessories like Cat6 Keystone Jacks Toolless Design and Cat6 Patch Panels. Good luck with your shopping.

Weight 31.8 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 17 × 17 in
Color Blue, White, Green, Red, Yellow, Black
Cable Jacket UTP Riser
Conductor 100% Pure Copper Solid Conductor
Frequency 550MHz
Installation Temp -20°C ~ 75°C
Length 1000 FT
Pairs 4 Twisted Pairs
Package Easy Pull Box
Standard Compliances FCC, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, RoHS, ETL Listed, UL Listed
Wire Gauge 23-AWG
Insulation HDPE
Insulation Diameter 1.00 mm (±0.05mm)
Outer Diameter 6 mm
DC Resistance Max 9.38Ω / 100m at 20°C
Resistance Unbalance Max 5% at 20°C
Mutual Capacitance Max 5.5 nf / 100m at 1kHz
Capacitance Unbalance Max 330 pf / 100m at 1kHz
Propagation Delay ≤ 535 ns / 100m
Delay Skew ≤ 45ns / 100m
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