Cat6 Patch Cord Ethernet Network Patch Cable UTP White

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  • Fast Cat6 Patch Cable 
  • 24 AWG 550 MHz UTP Riser
  • Length: 1 Ft –  25 Ft
  • 4 twisted pair Copper/CCA

Always go for the right type of cables when there is a need to cater to the most sophisticated networking demands. Buy the most premium and quality Cat6 patch cord in the UTP variant to feel the difference in your networking. Make your purchase and get the terminated ethernet cable for just plug and play. 

Benefits and Features

  • Gigabit Speed – Forget about slow-speed, lag-free data transmission with a Cat6 patch cord. A 24AWG design will allow you to deliver 550MHz. Stream your favorite movies, high-end applications, and much more.
  • Riser Jacket – PVC-rated ethernet patch cable to make everything safe and sound. The indoor jacket and high-class quality make it a good choice for shorter-length installations.
  • Precise Structure – It features tight twisted pairs to cancel crosstalk and EMI, Ideally manufactured to deliver stable speed without lag.
  • Length Variations – The patch cable is available in different length sizes to be used for the right type of equipment. 
  • Future-Proof Infrastructure – The cable is backward compatible with older equipment and this makes it a good choice for modern networking devices. 
  • Performance – Cat6 copper patch cord is available in Pure Copper and CCA conductor. Get the maximum functionality with pure copper cable.

Industry Compliance

We do understand the value of certified ethernet cables, Cat6 patch cables not only meet but exceed the industry standards, and therefore the cable comes under RoHS and ANSI/TIA compliant standards to give you peace of mind.

Pure Copper Vs CCA Conductor

  • There is no comparison between pure copper and CCA conductors as both have their own set of priorities. As for performance or high-end applications, copper is the best conductor to use. Like PoE, HD streaming, and playing online games in UHD. 
  • Whereas, CCA cables fail to perform for high-end applications and especially for PoE. The cable seems to be a cost-effective solution for temporary installations. It is an effective solution for a few fast ethernet applications.

Why Do You Need To Buy Cat6 Patch Cable?

  • Fast Data Transmission
  • PoE, 10GBASE-T, 
  • Gigabit speed
  • 550MHz bandwidth UTP cable
  • Copper conductor with low electrical resistance
  • Lower attenuation and interference

Buy this most advanced ethernet cable for your ultimate fastest data transaction, and replace your older cable with Cat6 patch cable UTP. Fast, Simple, Plug and Play. Order Now.

Weight 0.06 lbs
Dimensions 2.3 × 2.3 × 0.7 in
Length: 10 Ft Pure Copper, 10M CCA, 15 Ft Pure Copper, 15M CCA, 20 Ft Pure Copper, 25 Ft Pure Copper, 3.5M CCA, 1 FT Pure Copper, 3 FT Pure Copper, 1.5M CCA, 5 FT Pure Copper, 5.5M CCA
Cable Jacket: UTP Riser
Color: White
Standard Compliances: FCC, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, RoHS
Wire Gauge: 24-AWG
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