UTP Patch Cord Cat6 Blue

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  • Top Notch Cat6 Patch Cable
  • 24 AWG 550 MHz UTP Riser
  • Length available  1ft – 25ft
  • 4 twisted pair Copper/CCA

Gigabit Heights: Unleash the Power of Cat6 Riser UTP Patch Cords

Elevate your network performance with robust Cat6 Riser UTP patch cords, for fast gigabit speed. No need to adopt your old low-quality ethernet cables. We have covered your back by providing this snagless Cat6 patch cable.

Speed and Reliability

  • Gigabit Backbone – Cat6 UTP patch cables boast a bandwidth of up to 550MHz and deliver 10 Gbps speed. Easily stream high-definition content, and games without lag, and power through data-intensive tasks with ease.
  • Future-proofed Infrastructure – Backward compatible for seamless integration with existing equipment, Cat6 UTP cables are ready for the ever-growing demands of modern networking.
  • Precision Engineering – Featuring twisted-pair conductors (24AWG), Cat6 UTP patch cables minimize crosstalk and EMI, guaranteeing explicit data transmission.
  • Unshakeable Reliability – Constructed with high-quality materials and robust connectors, Cat6 UTP cables withstand everyday wear and tear, delivering long-lasting performance.
  • Outer Jacket – Riser jacket to protect the cable from flame or burning and also protect the inside conductor.
  • Length Variations – Available in 1ft up to 15 meters length to cater to different length variations for installations.

Industry Standards

  • Complies with the latest industry standards for enhanced performance and reliability.
  • RoHS Compliant 

Pure Copper vs. CCA – Choosing the Right Conductor

  • Pure Copper — The gold standard for performance and reliability, pure copper conductors offer superior signal transmission, making them ideal for critical network applications, long cable runs, and high-traffic environments.
  • CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) — A more affordable option, CCA cables offer decent performance for shorter runs and less demanding applications. However, they may experience higher signal attenuation and heat generation compared to pure copper.

Where to Use Each Type

  • Pure Copper

    • High-performance networking applications: data centers, server rooms, gaming setups, etc.
    • Minimizes signal loss and maintains optimal performance.
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications, ensures efficient power delivery.
  • CCA (Copper-Clad Aluminum)

    • Ideal for connecting desktops, laptops, and other devices nearby.
    • Budget-conscious ethernet cables.
    • Temporary installations.

Invest in the future of your network with Cat6 UTP patch cords. Experience the exhilarating power of gigabit speeds and unlock the full potential of your wired devices. For shorter connections, Adopt our High Quality and Classic Cat6 Patch cables to elevate your networking experience. Connect to the world with confidence.

Weight 0.07 lbs
Dimensions 2.3 × 2.3 × 0.8 in

10 Ft Pure Copper, 10M CCA, 15 Ft Pure Copper, 15M CCA, 20 Ft Pure Copper, 25 Ft Pure Copper, 7M CCA, 1 FT Pure Copper, 3 FT Pure Copper, 5 FT Pure Copper, 5.5M CCA

Cable Jacket UTP Riser
Frequency 550MHz
Pairs Black
Color Blue
Wire Gauge 24-AWG
Standard Compliances FCC, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, RoHS
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