Know about best ethernet cable for security cameras

If you are looking to set up a security camera system, then choosing the right ethernet cable is one of the most important things you should do. The wrong type of cable can lead to poor picture quality, unreliable performance, and poor security. 

Ethernet cables connect CCTV cameras with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or a Network Video Recorder (NVR). If you choose the right ethernet cable for your specific requirement, you can rely on your security system. 

There are two main uses of security cameras. First, they are used to secure homes, and secondly, surveillance or security cameras are used to monitor and secure office spaces.

There are two types of ethernet cables that are best for security cameras. For home security, Cat5e cable is the perfect option and for securing offices, the best ethernet cable is Cat6. 

What makes an ethernet cable best for security cameras?

If you want to know which ethernet cable is the best option for security cameras (CCTV),  you should also know what makes a certain cable the best for its designated job.  

Speed and Bandwidth

IP security cameras need a fast internet speed and high bandwidth capacity. Without these two basic specifications, you cannot expect your IP security camera network to function smoothly. 

Cable Jacket

Surveillance cameras are installed in all types of environments. Such as factories, homes, offices, public parks, roads, etc. And if the cable jacket is not made from heavy-duty dust-proof and waterproof, and even UV light resistant, it will not last long. That is why you should always get the cables with the toughest jacket.

Which type of Security Cameras do you use?

You are either using an analog security camera or an IP security camera. Both types of cameras can be operated with any one of these Ethernet cables but to make it convenient for you, we will explain which cable is best for which type of camera. 

Ethernet Cable for Analog Security Cameras

The analog security cameras can perform best with a Cat5e Cable. There is one reason for that: Analog cameras first save the video signals on a local device using a DVR. Those signals are then converted into a viewable video by the digital video recorder. 

This process is a little slower and doesn’t require a lot of bandwidth and data transfer rate. And you can easily use your analog surveillance cameras with a Cat5e Cable. 

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Ethernet Cable for IP security Cameras

This type of camera does not need to record the video on a local device. In a local area network, IP surveillance cameras can be very powerful. They can record video in high-definition and it can be viewed from anywhere in the world. 

These cameras, therefore, need a good ethernet cable to operate smoothly. A Cat6 cable is a perfect option if you are using or planning to use these smart surveillance cameras. 

Best ethernet cable for home security cameras

The number of cameras installed in home security networks is smaller as compared to offices or other large-scale workplaces. This means you will not be needing the most advanced ethernet cable to connect your surveillance cameras. A premium quality enhanced Category 5 cable is an excellent solution. 

This Cat5e ethernet cable would easily provide the speed and bandwidth capacity that you will need to monitor your home. It can support data transmission at speeds of up to 100 Mbps over 100 meters of run length. And the transmission speeds will soar up to 1 Gbps at 50 meters of run length. 

Along with exceptional data transfer speeds, an ethernet cable for home surveillance cameras should support high-bandwidth capacities. The recommended Cat5e ethernet cable provides a bandwidth capacity of up to 350 MHz. This speed and bandwidth will allow your cameras to record and save excellent quality video. 

Best ethernet cable for office security cameras

Office security networks use a lot of cameras to provide visual monitoring. And more cameras mean that the size of data will be much larger. A high-performance ethernet cable must be employed in this case to allow the smooth functioning of the cameras. 

This Cat6 plenum is recommended for offices and other workplaces. It can deliver data at high speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second over standard run-length (100 meters). And if you run it at no more than 50 meters, it will provide up to 10 Gbps data transfer rates.

At this speed, this cable can handle data transfer from as many cameras as you’d like to install. And the video quality will remain crystal clear. That is also possible due to its high bandwidth capacity, which is a whopping 550 MHz. 

Another important thing that makes Cat6 the best cable for office security cameras is its jacket. It is a heavy-duty, plenum-rated jacket and it can bear the harshest environments. For dusty and marshy areas, it is also resistant to water and dust.


Using the right cable is crucial to have a flawless security camera network. Use this guide to pick the ethernet cable that is best suited for you. 

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