Bulk Cat5e Plenum Pure Copper UL-Listed Cable 24 AWG Pull Box, MADE IN USA

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  • 24 AWG UTP CMP Cable
  • 350 MHz Bandwidth Capacity
  • 100% Bare Copper Conductor
  • UL-listed, ANSI/TIA 568-C.2
  • FEP-rated flame retardant jacket

Streamline your networking solutions with pure copper Cat5e plenum cables, connect with confidence.

Cat5e plenum pure copper cables are the first category among several ethernet cables to deliver improvised speed and performance. This cable can be used to wire up your home or office to get the maximum output (Gigabit speed). What’s new in this cable? The cable's internal structure has pure copper conductors to boost signal strength through fast data transmission. In addition to this, the twisted pairs also help in reducing crosstalk and signal interference to avoid any cause that may reduce your speed. The cable is a reasonable option for your networking needs and for ethernet applications.

What Is the Speed Of Cat5e CMP Cable?

The speed matters a lot in buying ethernet cables. Likewise, for catering to user needs this made in USA cat5e plenum cable has improved bandwidth and reached gigabit speed for a fast networking experience.  The cable can provide you with 100 Mbps speed over 100 meters (328 ft) and on the other hand if the cable length is 50 meters (164 ft) the maximum speed you will get is 1000 Mbps (1 Gbit/s). The cable has a 24 AWG diameter conductor that is tested to deliver the highest bandwidth of 350 MHz to outrun your needs. You will get bulk cat5e plenum pure copper 1000ft cable at a reasonable price.  With Cat5e Pure Copper cable you can use it to run fast ethernet applications like 10/100/1000BASE-T, audio/video streaming, PoE, gaming, and connecting other hardware like printers, scanners, etc.

What Is A Plenum Jacket? Is It Suitable?

There is a need to adopt the right jacket for your installation (Horizontal or Vertical). The outer plenum jacket defines the installation location and the authenticity of the cable material. Here, we have USA-made Cat5e plenum cable – a premium cable with “Underwriter Laboratories” verified.  The plenum jacket of the cable uses FEP-rated flame-resistant material to reduce the chances of a fire incident. The UV-resistant jacket holds maximum tolerance for harsh climates and also emits non-toxic smoke if exposed to fire. So, a very durable and reliable jacket that you can buy for your home or office networking needs. Now, where to install the cat5e plenum cable might come to your mind. So here is what you need to know about Made in USA plenum cat5e cables.

Where To Install Plenum Cables

For more security use the right places for installing ethernet cables as of Cat5e plenum cable. This cable is used for indoor installation and in horizontal spaces of the building. 

  • What is Plenum Space?
    • The term dictates the horizontal spaces of the building. It includes ventilation systems, air ducts, and HVAC systems of the building.
  • Why is there a need for the Installation of plenum cables?
    • In reality, the plenum spaces of the building have maximum oxygen and air supply and also there is not a single cable but – clusters of cables going throughout the building. So the chances of fire progression are very high. To avoid any major incident opt for the industry standard plenum cables for fire safety. 
  • Can you install a Cat5e plenum cable outdoors?
    • Simply no, the cable jacket is made for indoor use where it shows maximum lifespan and if it's installed outdoors you need to hire professionals also to avoid rainy weather and need a conduit for outside cabling. So all these will cost you a lot of money if budget is the main issue.
  • Can plenum cable be used in riser space?
    • Yes, plenum cables can be used as a substitute for riser cables. You can install cables in vertical and horizontal spaces of the building. Riser spaces need less fire resistance properties. Therefore, you can easily install Cat5e bulk plenum cables throughout your building.

Why Are Copper Cables Reliable?

Copper cables show maximum conductivity and less electrical resistance while transmitting signals from one device to another device. Similarly, cat5e plenum pure copper cable is made in the USA, and for better transmission, the copper conductor is used to enhance the efficiency of the cables. If you want the best result for your networking opt for UL-listed Cat5e plenum cable.  Besides all these the premium cat5e plenum cable is in compliance with industry standards (ANSI/TIA 568-C.2) and is RoHS verified. We manufacture quality products that may provide relief after installation. Order now to get this premium Cat5e plenum cable.

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