About what the Cat6a ethernet cable has to offer

You have probably heard about the benefits of installing bulk Cat6 ethernet cable in a local area network in terms of better performance, easy installation, and reliability. But have you heard about what the Cat6a ethernet cable has to offer - beyond the performance and reliability.

In this blog, we will walk you through the 5 surprising reasons, other than the ones you already know, to buy this cable. Let’s get into it.

What is Cat6a?

Cat6a cable is the augmented version of the 6th category ethernet cables. It comes with two different jackets to choose from and with only one conductor. The cable is produced in only plenum and riser jackets, and bare copper conductors to maintain its premium quality.

Cable jackets: As mentioned, the cable comes with a communication multipurpose plenum (CMP) and communications multipurpose riser jacket (CMR). Both of these jackets have their specific purposes. The CMP jackets used in the Cat6a Plenum Cable are designed for installation in indoor open spaces. The reason is its inflammable nature and that it does not emit toxic smoke in the most unlikely scenario of catching fire.

Secondly, the riser jacket is installed in all kinds of spaces but the plenum. The reason why the Cat6a Riser Cable is not installed in plenum spaces is that it can emit toxic smoke in case of a fire hazard. Although, it is designed to extinguish and prevent fire propagation along the cable, adhering to the safety precautions is still necessary.

Specifications: Cat6a cable has a data transfer rate of 10 GBit/s and provides a voluminous bandwidth capacity of 750 MHz. It is certified by EIA/TIA and manufactured per the ROHS standards.

Large Bend Radius

The Bulk Cat6a Ethernet Cable has a thick diameter of 23 measured in American wire gauge (AWG). A thick diameter means that the cable can be bent to a greater degree than other ethernet cables. This large bend radius then ultimately translates into easier installations without damaging the cable in tricky indoor and outdoor runs. Particularly through nooks and corners in HVAC ducts.

Best for Residential LAN

Not only is this cable the best for commercial networks, but both Cat6a plenum and riser are also the best LAN cables you can get for your residential network. Its specifications make it a futureproof cable and you can use it for many many years to come without worrying about it being outdated.

It is also the best way to connect the devices at your home which is safer than wifi and more reliable as well. For instance, if you have IP security cameras installed on your property, you can use this cable for solid PoE connections.


Cat6a ethernet cable is affordable. In fact, the difference in cost between this cable and other ethernet cables is almost negligible. And it wouldn’t be very wise of anyone to opt for an ethernet cable with sub-par features when they can get the Cat6a for almost the same cost.

In long run as well, you will be truly surprised at how much this cable can save you in maintenance and replacement costs. The premium quality built of the cable makes it highly resistant to environmental uncertainties thereby making it a tough tool in face of extreme temperature, humidity, etc.

Extreme Compatibility

It is highly compatible with a wide variety of ethernet cables and accessories such as patch panels, wall plates, faceplates, keystone jacks and connectors, ethernet cable couplers, etc.

Any ethernet cable accessory that is compatible with 23 AWG wires and EIA/TIA 568 A and B wiring schemes, this Cat6a is also compatible with it. Additionally, it is also compatible with the ethernet categories that have come before it.

Easily Approved by Building Inspectors

Most networking engineers and contractors have this insecurity that the building inspectors may not approve the cable they are getting. Well, the good news is that this is the most renowned cable among building inspectors because of its exceptional safety features - which in a nutshell are; its heavy-duty jackets and pure copper conductor. These two features define the safety of the cable that the building inspectors are concerned about.

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