Top tips for choosing the right Cable Management system

Choosing the right cable management system is just as important as choosing the right ethernet cables. If you do not establish a good system for managing the cables in your network, it can result in an unreliable connection that is also costly for you.

So in order to help you establish the perfect cable organization system for your network, we propose the following tips. 

What is a cable management system?

Before we dive into the tips for choosing a cable management system, let us introduce you to it. 

A cable management system is a way of organizing cables in a network. It makes managing and maintaining the cables easy and enhances the performance of the cables along with their lifespan. 

Types of cable management systems:

A system for electric or network cable management is mostly installed in a cabinet or on a rack and there are various types of them.

Patch Panels

Patch panels are the most common way cables are managed in networks. These systems are easy to install and maintain, affordable, and highly functional. 

For instance, a 12 port ethernet patch panel can be used to easily manage ethernet cables in a network. It is highly functional, and it can fit anywhere from walls to closets. 

There are a myriad of options available in patch panels from 12 ports to 48 ports. And unloaded keystones to loaded patch panels.

Cable Tray Systems

A cable tray is a conduit that allows you to run cables from one point to another. It is not a system to be placed in a center, but more of a way to allow the passage of your cables. 

These are mostly installed in ceilings and beneath the floors. 

Fiber Optic Patch Panels

Fiber optic patch panels are very much similar to ethernet patch panels. The only difference is due to the fact that this type of patch panel is for fiber optic cables and an ethernet patch panel is for ethernet cables. Nonetheless, both pieces of hardware have the same purpose. 

Fiber optic patch panels are available in different types as well. The types depend on the size and capacity of the panel. 

Vertical Cable Management

A vertical cable management system can be any mechanism of organizing network or electric cables at 90 degrees. A patch panel that is designed to be used vertically, can also be called a vertical cable management system.

Horizontal Cable Management

Similar to a vertical cable management system, the horizontal system is a mechanism that is designed for 180-degree installation. 

For instance, a 24 port, 180-degree horizontal ethernet patch panel can be called a horizontal cable management system. 

Tips for choosing the right cable management system

Now, if you want to manage your cables effectively, you need to consider the following tips. 

Choosing the cable management system: While the specific need of a cable organization may differ from network to network, the general reasons as to why you need to manage your cables are the same. It means that you will generally need one for two basic reasons and they are the same for all networks. 

First, a cable organization system allows you to enhance the performance of the network, and secondly, it protects the cables from being damaged and improves the lifespan.

For these two requirements, you will need a management system that ensures the protection of the cables and the enhanced performance of the network.

Environmental conditions: You will have to consider the environmental conditions. What is the weather like in the place you have your network? Is it an exposed outdoor space or is it an indoor server room?

Depending on the conditions of the environment, you will have to choose a system. For instance, if you are going to put the cable organization mechanism inside a room, look out for potential fire hazards, water leakages, etc and then choose a system that is fit for all of those conditions. 

Installation: Before you begin the installation process, calculate the space your system will need. And designate an appropriate space. Then proceed with the installation to avoid any inconvenience. 

Permanent or temporary? Are you organizing your cable network temporarily or permanently? Ask yourself. Mostly, networks are established permanently and so are the cable management systems. 

But temporary networks are also established regularly, particularly for outdoor events. In that case, you will need almost the same management system as you would otherwise. You can compromise on the quality though, since it is temporary. 

Easy identification: 

When you organize your cables in a central system, you might have trouble with identifying the functions of each cable. And for easy identification of cables, write their functions on them. 

For instance, if you have a patch panel as the cable organization system for bulk ethernet cables, you can utilize the designated space on the panels to write the functions of cables.

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