Top five benefits of using cat6a cable

All ethernet cables are amazing tools that have changed the way electronic devices connect in a network. But there’s one cable that stands out amongst the many, make a guess - yes indeed, it is Cat6a cable.

The reason why it is so popular for both home and commercial networks is because of its performance and affordability. For its price, this cable provides unparalleled value. But its performance is not the only reason behind its popularity, there are more reasons. Read on to learn about the top five benefits of using Cat6a cable.

10 Gigabit performance

The cable provides a lightning data transfer speed of up to 10 Gbps over 328 feet and supports up to 750 MHz frequencies. The materials used to manufacture this cable are of top-notch quality.

For instance, it comes with a bare copper conductor. The conductors are also shielded in some cables to enhance the signal integrity and quality. Such high-quality material and rigorous testing of the cable ensure that it supports 10 G ethernet speeds seamlessly.

At 10 G speeds, you can use all ethernet applications such as PoE, PoE++, Audio-Video transmission, etc.


If you have Cat6 or any other category of ethernet cables installed in your network and worry if a Cat6a will be compatible or not, you need not worry because it is compatible with all of its preceding ethernet cable categories.

It is also compatible with most of the patch panels in the market and you can use it for cable management.

Safe and Sturdy

Cat6a cable is one of the safest and long-lasting ethernet cables you can buy today. For instance, it only comes with plenum and riser-rated jackets. These are the finest jackets with fire-retardant and weatherproof features. The Plenum-rated jacket can withstand high temperatures without catching fire and if it should catch fire, it doesn’t emit toxic smoke. That makes it perfectly suitable for all sorts of networks.

The riser-rated jacket is designed for vertical rising spaces within buildings and can also be used outdoors. It is also made out of flame-retardant material but could emit toxic smoke in case of a fire hazard.

The conductor of this cable is yet another feature that makes it safe and sturdy for use in all sorts of networks.

Better value for the cost

The fact that this cable is made out of premium quality materials and can be used in both home and office networks makes it one of the most valuable ethernet cables in the market.

For instance, you can buy a Cat5e for just a little bit less money, but the specifications you lose are tremendous. However, for just a little more cost, you get the top-of-the-line ethernet cable loaded with high-performance networking potential.

Best for home and commercial networks

As mentioned, this cable can be used in both home and office networks. For office networks, the use of cat6a cable is obvious - because of the high-performance requirements. And now that a lot of people run their businesses from home, it can also be used in domestic networks.

In a nutshell

Simply put, the benefits of cat6a cable are unparalleled. It is fast, affordable, compatible with all Cat6 and previous ethernet categories, and most importantly, it provides a reliable 10G performance.

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