CAT6A Riser ETL Listed Shielded (F/UTP), 23AWG Solid-Bare Copper Cable 1000ft Spool

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  • 23 AWG 4 F/UTP Cable
  • 750 MHz Bandwidth Capacity
  • 100% Bare Copper (Anneal Conductor)
  • 4 twisted shielded pairs CMR
  • Bending radius 8 x OD (Original Diameter)

Buy Shielded Cat6a Riser ETL Listed Cable For Better Networking Experience

The Cat 6a riser cable is an augmented category 6 cable — a next-generation cable used for supporting fast data transmissions and when there is a need to run high-speed applications. The 23 AWG conductor and 10-gigabit speed make bulk cat6a cable 1000 ft a better investment for your cabling infrastructure. Cat6a riser ETL-listed ensures the speed and performance of the cable.

Cat6a Riser Internal Structure

Inside the cat6a bulk cable 1000ft, 8 conductor wires with a diameter of 23 AWG enhance the cable's throughput. These 8 conductors then form 4 twisted pairs tightly bound together and help reduce crosstalk and attenuation in the field. Spline is one of the most useful cross-skeleton plastic material made up of Fluoropolymers that separates all 4 twisted pairs to minimize the pair-to-pair crosstalk. Moreover, for peeling cable jackets for termination polyester fiber cord is present throughout the cable’s length known as ripcord. The Cat 6a bulk cable uses an RJ45 connector for termination. Furthermore, there is an additional aluminum foil shielding that will make this cable to install in complex wiring structures of the building. This foil shielding is installed throughout the cable to minimize EMI and RFI. Buy the Cat6a Shielded Riser Cable wooden spool to ease your networking installation.

Salient Features

Some features are associated with cat6a (F/UTP) riser cable ETL-listed which are as follows.

  • High Data Speed 10 Gigabit
  • Suitable for High-Speed Applications
  • Indoor design riser Jacket
  • Fast Ethernet Applications
  • Cat6a Ethernet (Augmented) F/UTP Cable
  • 23 AWG Bare Copper Conductors
  • ANSI/TIA and ETL Listed Cable
  • 1000ft wooden spool

These are some of the main features that bulk Cat6a cable 1000ft owns and are used for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. This shielded cable can be used in complex wiring structures to overcome interference and deliver streamlined conductivity.

Where To Install Riser Cable

A riser jacket is a PVC material that is fire-resistant to restrict flame progression. This indoor jacket emits less toxic smoke if exposed to fire. The riser jacket can only be used for indoor installation. You can simply install riser jacket cable in the following locations.

  • Vertical shafts of the building
  • Elevator shafts
  • Inside walls
  • Data centers
  • Network Closets

Bare Copper Conductor

The copper is an excellent conductor to transfer electrical signals (Data Packets) seamlessly from one point to another. It bears less electrical resistance and non-corrosion properties. Bulk cat6a shielded cable 23 AWG wire having 750 MHz bandwidth enables to provide a maximum speed of 10 Gbps at 100 meters (328ft). Well, these features enable Cat 6a cable to be used for Fast Ethernet Applications.

  • 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • 10GBASE-T (10-Gigabit Ethernet)
  • PoE/+/++ and type 4PPoE up to 100 watts
  • Audio/Video Streaming
  • Gaming consoles
  • ATM 155
  • IoT devices

If you need performance then Cat6a bare copper cable shielded cable is the right type of addition for your cabling infrastructure. This will ultimately enhance the performance and allow fast data transmission.

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