UL Listed Cat6 Pure Copper Plenum Cable CMP Rated UTP Pull Box Blue

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  • 23 AWG UTP Plenum Cable
  • FEP-rated fire-resistant jacket
  • 100% Solid Bare Copper, 550 MHz
  • ETL and ANSI/TIA 568-C.2 Certified
  • UL 444 Safety Standard

Don’t spend time thinking about getting high-quality and industry-standard cables — Buy Cat6 Plenum Cable — Reliable, Safe, and Long Lasting. Ethernet cables have enhanced their demands due to their fast speed and high-performance ratings. In order to get gigabit speed let me guide you through the features and characteristics of Cat 6 plenum pure copper cable. It allows you to obtain a gigabit stable internet connection. Here is what you can do with this industry-standard cable. Cat6 plenum CMP cable can be used to connect with WAN and LAN and further, it can connect to modems, routers, and computers to access active internet connection. Cat6 is specially designed for longer runs as the speed specs are much improved compared to its previous counterparts. The internal conductor is 23 AWG (American Wire Gauge) and it tells that its bandwidth is also revamped accordingly. So What's Inside the Cat6 Plenum Cable?

The Anatomy Of Cat6 Pure Copper Cable

If we cut the wire open the cat6 plenum copper cable consists of 8 separated twisted pairs marked with their specific color codes. These color cables are actually the conductor and they are firmly twisted together into 4 twisted pairs to pass electrical impulses (Data Packets) in a smooth way. Some of the main key features that we witness while using Cat6 plenum (CMP) cable 1000ft are explained 

  • Enhanced Specifications

    • Cat6 observes the most stringent properties when compared to its previous version category cables. It includes high tolerances against crosstalk, insertion loss, return loss, and signal interference for a longer run. 
  • High Bandwidth

    • It uses a 23 AWG diameter and that is the reason it has a larger diameter and can transfer large amounts of data and can be used for 10GbE applications. The cable has an improved bandwidth of 550 MHz.
  • Better Crosstalk Performance

    • The Cat6 plenum pure copper cable delivers the right quality signal throughout the cable length. It has improved crosstalk resistance due to its tight twisted pairs and spline (Wire separator) to reduce pair-to-pair crosstalk. The cable shows less data loss and delivers a seamless connectivity experience to the user.
  • Improved Transmission Speed

    • The cable delivers excellent data transfer speed at different distances. At its ideal length of 100 meters, the cable delivers 1 Gbit/s speed. Similarly, if you run cable at a distance of 50 meters the cable tends to provide 10 Gbit/s. With such speed specs it can be used for fast ethernet applications.
  • Lower Attenuation

    • The cat6 plenum CMP cable is efficient in case of data attenuation. It helps maintain signal quality at more extended runs. The cable proves to be a solid reason for buying with such tremendous outcomes and features.
  • Backward Compatibility

    • The termination process is the same by using an RJ45 connector and that makes this cable to use for older equipment. If you are going to buy a Cat6 cable all you have to do is alter the speed specifications provided by ISP.

These are the most intriguing and catchy benefits that make every internet user buy this cable for their networking desires. There are other characteristics of the cable just like its outer jacket — Plenum

What Is A Plenum?

In buildings, we often see airy spaces that are widely enriched with airflow and oxygen supply. These spaces surely need cables with high fire ratings to reduce fire chances and that is why there is a need to manufacture plenum cables. The plenum spaces include ventilation, air ducts, horizontal shafts, and HVAC systems. 

Cat6 Plenum CMP Cable

The chemical composition of plenum cable is FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Polymers) a highly flame retardant material that is used to create a fire barrier. Cat6 with plenum jacket is bulky in nature due to its jacket size and that is why it is more protected also shows (LSZH) properties and emits non-toxic smoke if by chance exposed to fire.  The installation location of the cat6 plenum cable is in the horizontal shafts, air ducts, above raised floors, drop ceilings, etc. where they protect the cable and its internal conductor. The plenum being so protective is used for indoor installations and it is also UV-resistant and can bear harsh temperatures. Such specs could make it feasible to use for industrial setups. 

Packaging — What It Defines

Packaging makes the difference in installing cable. For a convenient and friendly experience, the Cat6 cable is packed in an easy-to-pull box and it is quite easy to unroll the cable from the box therefore it reduces the efforts and time for installation.  The tangle-free design of the cable is marked with “Ft” at sequential intervals to idealize the remaining length of the cable. Therefore, if you ever want to install network cable buy the best bulk Cat6 plenum pure copper cable. The remaining length can be utilized in different projects later.

What Is UL and ETL Listed Cat6 Cable?

UL — stands for (Underwriters Laboratories) and this is a standard for cross-checking the safety of networking cables. UL-listed cables must undergo various test phases to pass the safety standard. After testing the cable standard the cable is set to be adopted for installation where safety is a major concern.  ETL — stands for (Electrical Testing Laboratories) is a test for checking the cable standards as the cable meets the ideal configurations to be used for various networking needs such as speed and bandwidth. The cat6 plenum copper cable is ETL-listed and can be used for various projects like commercial, residential, and industrial. 

Why Cat6 Plenum (CMP) Cable?

The CAT6 is in compliance with UL and ETL requirements and can be used to update your existing wiring infrastructure. Also, the Cat6 copper cable is ANSI/TIA 568-C.2 and strictly observes RoHS specifications.  Fast Ethernet Applications – the category 6 plenum pure copper cable can support PoE Applications, 100/1000/10GBASE-T, A/V streaming, gaming consoles, ATM 155, and IoT applications. 

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