Cat5e Riser Pure Copper Cable ETL-Listed 24AWG UTP 350MHz, MADE IN USA

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  • 24 AWG UTP CMR Cable
  • 350 MHz Bandwidth Capacity
  • 100% Solid Bare Copper
  • ETL, ANSI/TIA 568-C.2 Verified
  • -20 – 75 degree Temperature range

Cat5e riser solid copper ethernet cable.

The best way to connect is through Cat5e riser solid ETL-listed cable. Efficient, Reliable, and Fast

Let’s discover some hidden specs of the Cat5e riser cables and how it benefits your networking and operational activities. The Cat5e riser is in compliance with ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) and meets the rigid specifications for secure and safest installation. The ETL-listed cat5e riser cable is the primary choice to secure gigabit networking. The cable has improved data transmission rates and the copper conductor provides an extra advantage in delivering the finest conductivity.

Cat5e Riser Cable. What’s That?

The “e” in cat5e indicates an enhanced version of category cable – cat5e. The cable is improvised with speed and bandwidth now gigabit speed is possible with this cat5e riser cable. The internal anatomy of the cat5e riser cable is composed of 8 separated conductor wires. These wires are not identical but share color codes and form 4 twisted pairs according to the color code. For example, orange/white-orange respectively. These twisted pairs actually provide the streamlined transfer of electrical signals (Data Packets) and help in reducing crosstalk and interference.  The diameter of the cable conductor is 24 AWG and that is the reason it gives the right type of bandwidth or speed that you deserve for your network. This cat5e riser cable meets the ANSI/TIA 568-C.2 industry standard and is compliant with RoHS and ISO/IES for safety installation.

Transmission Speed Of ETL Listed Cat5e Riser Cables

The ETL listed cat5e riser cable is marked to provide the gigabit speed and to cater to gigabit applications. This backward-compatible CAT5e riser cable secures 100 Mbps speed at a distance of 100 meters (328 ft). In addition to this, if we reduce the length of the cable to 50 meters (164 ft) the cable will deliver 1000 Mbps speed without minimum attenuation.  The cable is ideal for supporting fast ethernet applications as it delivers 350 MHz highest bandwidth speed. So this ETL-listed cable is the right choice for adapting for your network. As for fast ethernet applications, it includes 10/100/1000BASE-T, PoE applications, audio/video streaming, token ring (telephone), gaming consoles, etc. 

What Is Riser? Is It Feasible?

The riser is the outer jacket of the ethernet cable made up of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and is fire resistant. The riser cable can be used for installation in the riser space of the building or offices. The riser spaces include elevator shafts and inside walls (Vertical) spaces.  The riser spaces demand less fire security so it observes fewer fire safety measures as compared to plenum cables but still, it restricts fire progression and emits less toxic smoke. The solid copper cat5e riser cable is only used for indoor installation and mostly it is observed that it cannot bear high temperatures and can damage the conductor resulting in slow speed or lag in networking.  You must also take into consideration that you cannot install riser cables in plenum spaces as they will not work fine and avoid fire safety due to their less toxic smoke properties.

Why Is A Solid Conductor More Reliable For Data Transmission?

Ethernet cable (ETL-listed Cat5e Riser) needs to be installed for longer data transmissions and for that solid conductor appears to be the best and most reliable conductor. Copper in twisted pairs is less susceptible to external signal noise and also a non-corrosion material. It also has less DC resistance for electrical signals.  So, it's not wrong to say that solid bare copper cables are more likely to enhance performance and also the speed to secure streamlined data networking. The solid bare copper ETL listed Cat5e riser cables are also a cost-effective solution and you can get this cable at a lower price than the market.

How To Buy ETL Listed Cat5e Riser Cable?

The buying process of ethernet cable becomes very simple if you carefully look at some factors while choosing the cable. If you’re a novice then you must know a bit more about ethernet cable to invest in the right category. The factors for choosing ethernet cable are given below.

  • Length of the cable
  • Outer jacket (Riser)
  • Location
  • Environment
  • Future speed considerations
  • Quality of the cable
  • Category Type (ETL listed Cat5e Riser)

Buy this most exceptional and quality cable for your networking needs. If you want to know anything about the ethernet cable you may reach out to our dedicated customer service. You are more than welcome to ask anything. Best wishes for your shopping.

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