Bulk Cat5e Riser Pure Copper Cable ETL Listed 1000ft 350 MHz 24 AWG UTP

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  • ETL-Listed Cat5e UTP CMR, Safety and Performacne Compliance
  • Cat5e Solid Copper, Fluke DTX-1800 RoHS, ISO 9001:2015, PoE++
  • 100% Pure Copper, 24AWG, 350MHz Bandwith, Flawless Output
  • Bulk Cat5e UTP CMR, PVC Material, Fire-Resistant Jacket
  • Easy Pull Box Packaging, Tangle-free, Ft markings,Easy Fittings

Upgrade to Unbeatable Network Performance with Cat5e Riser Cable

Embrace the power of Cat5e Riser Cable, an extraordinary quality that's beyond comparison. Do not settle down with less you deserve the best. The right choice of networking cable — ETL listed cat5e riser cable. Explanation — Cat5e riser cable in a pure copper conductor is used for networking setup for LAN and WAN.

This advanced cable has additional features which will be discussed below. The gigabit specs cable is an enhanced version in the ethernet category. The cable is used to hold high applications — fast ethernet applications. Your cabling infrastructure needs to be changed opt for the pure copper cable to strengthen conductivity and performance. If you feel enough lag or attenuation it's time to order from us at a market-competitive price. 

Bulk Cat5e Riser Pure Copper Cable ETL Listed 1000ft 350 MHz 24 AWG Description image

What Is Cat5e Copper Cable?

Here cat is the short form of category cable. The cat5e ethernet cable is a primary cable used for connecting various hardware devices to secure active internet connection. The cable has the most advanced feature of gigabit speed and is the first cable to deliver such speed attributes. In addition to this, the Cat5e is 24 AWG which directly tells about the cable bandwidth.  The conductor used inside the cable is pure copper and that is why the cable exhibits strong signal strength. Moreover, this exceptional conductor is less electrical resistant and delivers the proper speed (Data Packets). 

The Transmission — Cat5e Pure Copper Cable?

Wired cables are very reliable in terms of speed and power if you want full potential regarding data transfer. Similarly, cat5e pure copper cable has two speed specifications one is for short length and the other is for maximum length – 100 meters. 

Important Point: The ideal length of the ethernet cable is 100 meters and beyond this length, you will feel lag or slow speed.

The cat5e riser cable delivers 100 Mbps speed at a distance of 100 meters (328 ft) whereas, if we reduce the length of the cable to 50 meters the maximum speed you will get is 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) respectively. This ETL-listed cable is in compliance and meets all the requirements of the industry. The (Electrical Testing Laboratories) ETL-listed cable delivers the best results in data transmission, safety, and reliability.

The pure copper Cat5e cable can support fast ethernet applications like 10/100/1000BASE-T, PoE applications (Surveillance), audio/video streaming, ATM 155, and gaming applications. Experience fast networking with copper cables.

Is A Riser-Rated Jacket Necessary? Explanation

Physically ethernet cables are wrapped with a plastic jacket available in different colors but the main core benefit of the jacket lies in its composition. Here riser is also ranked as a flame retardant jacket which is composed of (PVC) Polyvinyl Chloride. The outer jacket of the cable also protects the cable and avoids any major damage to the conductor. 

The riser is identified as CMR – Communication Multipurpose Riser. Read the printed text on the cable or ask customer support if you are not sure about the riser jacket. The riser jacket is thin as compared to the plenum jacket. 

Where To Install Riser Cables?

The riser (CMR) cables are installed in vertical spaces of the building or office. The riser can be used in commercial and residential setups. The vertical space includes inside walls and elevator shafts. The designation of the riser cables needs fewer fire safety precautions.

If exposed to fire the cable emits less toxic smoke and that is why it cannot be used as a substitute for plenum spaces. Furthermore, the riser cables can be easily installed after careful consideration of the location and where these cables demonstrate maximum lifespan. 

For Your Information: The riser jacket is only made for indoor installation and if you want to install it outdoors connectivity you need to wrap the conduit or extra protection shield to bear extreme climate conditions.

Cat5e Pure Copper Conductor — Reliability

Copper is one of the most pure forms of conductor and is quite inexpensive to be used for ethernet cables. The copper conductor delivers the finest transmission speed and is less resistant to electrical signals. In addition to this, copper is also an anti-corrosive material and it can last for a maximum time depending upon the cable installation or external conditions. Similarly, manufactured in China our high-quality cat5e pure copper cable can be used for connecting multiple devices such as routers, modems, computers, and printers to transfer commands to different devices. 

How To Buy cat5e Ethernet Cable?

The buying process of ethernet cables is easy if you are aware of the cable category or the speed specs of the desired cable. But do not make the decision rapidly to choose the ethernet cable as the wrong investment might find you costly. So always keep in mind about some of the factors while purchasing the cable.

  • Cable category
  • Length 
  • Quality
  • Industry compliance
  • Location (Riser)
  • Speed specifications

Bulk Cat5e Riser Pure Copper Cable ETL Listed 1000ft 350 MHz Description image

Packaging – 1000ft Cat5e Riser Cable

The 1000ft bulk cable is packed in an easy-to-pull box to unroll the cable quite easily for the installation. You can cut the cable for your desired installation length as the whole cable has sequential length markings and the remaining length of the cable is quite easy to identify. You can also use this cable for the next project. 1000ft Cat5e riser cable will save your installation time and effort.  Order this bulk cable to deploy for your cabling infrastructure and you can get this industry-standard ETL-listed cable at a reasonable price than market. Enjoy shopping with us.

Weight 23.4 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 15 × 15 in
Color Blue, White
Conductor Solid Conductor
Frequency 350MHz
Installation Temp 0°C to 60°C
Length 1000 FT
Pairs 4 Twisted Pairs
Package Easy Pull Box
Standard Compliances FCC, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, RoHS, ETL Listed
Wire Gauge 24-AWG
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