Cat6 Riser ETL Listed UTP Solid Pure Copper 550MHz 1000ft Cables

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  • UTP Riser 23 AWG Cable
  • 100% Solid Copper Conductor
  • 4 Twisted Pairs, 550 MHz
  • 1Gb/10 Gb Speed, PoE Supported
  • Inst. Temp. -20℃ to 75℃
  • ETL, ANSI/TIA-568.C-2 Certified
  • 1000ft Cable, Wooden Spool Packing

Buy ETL listed Cat6 Riser Cable 23 AWG Pure Copper.

We Will Not Let You Face Networking Issues – We Do More Than Just Providing Quality Cables As Every Connection Matters. With high-speed network speed, there is a need for fast ethernet cable – Cat6 riser ETL listed cable. The advanced cable is used for connecting various devices in order to provide streamlined internet access. The internal structure of the cat6 is UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair). The cable has high demand due to its low cost and fast speed.  Here let’s discuss the salient features of Cat6 riser ETL listed UTP cable to identify the right type of cable for your networking. Also, go through the ETL standard. Why Industry compliance cables are in demand. So here we start.

Overview Of Cat6 Riser UTP Pure Copper

Wired cables — Cat6 riser cable is ideal to be used for your daily operations – fast networking. The cable specs make it viable to provide you with lightning conductivity and therefore choice of many buyers. The internal structure of the Cat6 riser pure copper cable has 8 wires with different colors. These all 8 wires then form a cluster of twisted pairs – 4 twisted pairs. The twisting of conductors in cat6 is quite tight in order to cancel crosstalk and signal interference. These 8 wires are the core part of the Cat6 riser ETL listed cable and are made up of pure copper conductors. The diameter of these conductors is 23 AWG which is why the cable has high bandwidth and reaches gigabit speed. Here, you can find more variants of Cat6 Ethernet Cable.

Speed Of Cat6 Riser ETL Listed Cable

When performance is the major concern then it's mandatory to adopt for quality cables — Cat6 riser pure copper. The cat6 riser cable demonstrates two-speed specifications at longer and shorter distances. Before buying ethernet cable make sure that you are fully aware of the speed and bandwidth frequency of the cable.  The ideal length for ethernet cable is 100 meters (328 ft), at this distance, the maximum speed is 1 Gbps. When the installation length is reduced to 50 meters (164 ft) the maximum speed you will get is 10 Gbps. For supporting fast ethernet applications the cable is tested to provide a high bandwidth of 550 MHz. 

Is Copper Cable Efficient? Why?

Copper cables are the reliable option for data transmission as it is the best conductor to provide electrical conductivity properties. Here are some reasons why copper cables work efficiently. 

  • Low Electrical resistance
  • Low signal loss
  • Versatility
  • Reliability
  • Cost-Effective
  • Ease of installation
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Compatibility
  • Security

The copper enhances the efficiency of the cat6 riser cable in terms of speed and performance and therefore can support various ethernet applications. 

Applications Supported By Cat6 Riser ETL Listed

Ethernet cables are mostly adopted to run various applications either in commercial or residential setups and also in data centers where there is a high demand for fast networking cables. Here are some of the major applications that you should know about.

  • 100/1000BASE-T
  • 10GBASE-T
  • PoE/+/++, 4PPoE up to 100W
  • Audio/Video streaming
  • ATM 155
  • 100 VG ANYLAN
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Gaming consoles for hardcore gamers

With such specs, the Cat6 ETL-listed CMR cable is worth buying for your networking infrastructure. If you are restricted by your budget constraints you can still purchase Cat6 riser UTP pure copper at a reasonable price. Are you familiar with the outer plastic jacket of the ethernet cable – riser? If not, here is what you need to know about the properties of the Cat6 riser jacket. 

Cat6 Riser-Rated Jacket

The riser is the outer jacket of the cat6 ethernet cable. The reason for this plastic jacket is to meet the safety requirements of the building codes. The chemical composition of the riser is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which reflects flame retardant properties. This jacket is only for indoor installations and cannot be used for outdoor runs. It also emits less toxic smoke if exposed to fire. The Cat6 riser UTP pure copper cable is used to install in vertical runs of the building and also inside walls and in elevator shafts. The vertical runs in the building are referred to as riser spaces. Make sure not to use riser cables in plenum spaces to avoid any major consequences. 

What Is ETL-Listed Cat6 Riser CopperCat6 Ethernet CableCable?

In networking cables, there is a standard set to idealize which cable is according to the industry standards to provide maximum throughput as per cable specs. For that reason, ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) introduced a series of tests to evaluate cable speed and bandwidth to check the performance of the cable before deploying. With ETL-listed Cat6 riser cable, you will get the right speed, performance, and reliability that will satisfy your investment.  Furthermore, the cat6 UTP riser pure copper cable is also in compliance with ANSI/TIA 568-C.2 and RoHS verified. In order to install industry standard cable ORDER NOW to get Cat6 riser pure copper ETL-Listed cable. We love to serve you with the original products. Also, we have quality ethernet accessories like Cat6 keystone jacks and Cat6 Patch Panels, and RJ45 Connectors. If you need any further assistance. Feel free to contact our dedicated customer support. Good luck with your shopping.

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