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Bulk Cat5e Riser Cable 1000ft:

Cat5e Riser Ethernet networking cable is perfect for you to install in applications that require high data transfer rates, high bandwidth capacities, excellent attenuation, and reduced interference. Smartech Cables has made sure that this cable is manufactured observing the highest standards of the industry. Thus, this Cat5e riser cable is National Electrical Code TIA-568-C/EIA verified, and RoHS compliant. This 1000ft cat5e riser cable bulk is suitable for up to 350 MHz bandwidth frequency and it has been tested to support up to 1000 Mbps gigabit speeds. We recommend that you use Cat5e Riser cable for high-performance Ethernet applications for instance: 10BASE-T (Ethernet), 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet), and 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet GbE).

It has 24 American Wire Gauge (AWG) with solid conductors. There are four unshielded twisted pairs, and eight solid conductors made of copper for better conductivity. Because of this Cat5e Riser 1000ft cable, and the tighter wounds in the internal cable structure interference in the cables are kept at bay. Additionally, the outer sheathing is designed to be very strong and thick. This is done so that there is a cut down in cross-talk between the cables. Cross-talk occurs when signals from cables that are close to each other overlap and disturb each other. This hinders the overall smooth transmission of your data, and the quality as well as the data transmission rate, and bandwidth frequency are also undermined. Our 1000ft cat5e riser cable provides more protection against Power Sum Equal-Level Far-End Crosstalk (PS-ELFEXT), Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT), and Alien Crosstalk (AXT). This means that the integrity of your data will be protected and there will be a reduction in the loss of data packets while the data travels through the cables

The insulation on Cat5e Riser Bulk cable is high-density polyethylene (HDPE) insulation and the outer jacket is a durable CMR-rated riser jacket. This Cat5e Riser 1000ft cable is certified to be used in vertical applications, for instance, between floors. When you have to run any cables in an area, you must make sure whether the area in which you are installing the cable requires plenum-rated cables to be installed in them or not. You should not use riser cables in plenum spaces because they are not strict with fire retardant insulations.

With all these quality specifications of this Cat5e Riser Bulk cable, we offer you this cable at the most budget-friendly price. The outer jacket of this 1000ft cat5e riser cable bulk is available in white, blue, red, and green color, and the entire length of this cable (which is a standard 1000ft) is marked at every foot. This makes installations easy for you. You can just pull out the length that you need to install from the pull-out box in which this cable comes in.

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