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Bulk Cat5e Plenum Pure Copper Cables

The white Cat5e Plenum UTP Cable is your ultimate choice for ANSI X3T9.5 TP-PMD (FDDI), ATM PMD 155 Mbps IEEE 802.3 Fast Ethernet:10 Base-T, 100 Base-T4, 100 Base-X IEEE 802.5:4/16 Mbps Token Ring, IEEE 802.12:100 Base-VG applications. With a bandwidth capacity of 350 MHz and data transfer speeds of 1 Gbps and 100 Mbps, this cable can support lightning-fast data transfer and is equally popular among residential and commercial customers.

This 1000ft Cat5e Plenum Bare Copper cable comes with pure copper conductors that have far less attenuation than the CCA (copper-clad aluminum) conductors. Pure copper conductors also have excellent crosstalk characteristics. It means that Cat5e Plenum Copper Bulk provides excellent protection against crosstalk and prevents EMI (electromagnetic interference) from messing with your signal. To keep insulation at bay, Smartech Cables include more insulation in Cat5e Plenum Copper Bulk around the shielded pairs.

Smartech Cables, being an industry leader, manufacture ethernet cables that are well above all existing standards. Our Cat5e Plenum Copper Bulk exceeds all industry standards such as FCC, CE, ISO/IES and not only fully supports all existing high-speed applications but can also accommodate emerging high-speed technologies.

Since it is bulk cable, it comes in easy-to-pull packaging, and the whole 1000ft of the jacket is marked every 1 feet so you have exact knowledge about the ethernet cable’s measurements. At Smartech Cables, we pay extra attention to quality so that customers always get what exactly is promised to them. Being a plenum category cable, this cable comes with a CMP-rated jacket that is fire retardant and halts fire progression. You can run this cable in the plenum areas; you can also run Cat5e Plenum Copper Bulk in riser as well as outdoor spaces.

This cable exceeds FCC, ISO/IES, CE standards and is in complete compliance with RoHS. Rest assured when you purchase ethernet cables from us, you get the best value for your money.

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