What is the importance of structured cabling? - Explained

Here’s a simple question for you: How many server rooms have you seen? If you have seen plenty, then you probably know what a structured cabling network looks like but if you have not seen any, you will find out in this article.

So, ethernet cable networks are established in different sizes for different purposes. For instance, a home network is smaller as compared to an office network. Because domestic networks do not use fancy network applications such as metal detecting gates, IP/CCTV cameras, etc. Business networks on the other hand make frequent use of such applications. IP security cameras, outdoor smart TVs, etc are a common sight in office networks such as hospitals and schools.  

Structured Cabling: Explained

Structured cabling is a term used to define the method or process of installing or managing the cables and hardware that connect computer hardware and other telecommunications devices. To reiterate, it is the network of cables, wires and jacks that link your computers and other devices to the equipment in your network. 

It is pertinent to mention that the term is somewhat a wrong designation in the sense that cables are not really structured. The term cabling means different things to different people, but when used in the context of structured cabling, it refers to the cabling infrastructure and the devices and hardware used to connect the cabling infrastructure to the devices.

Reliable Network Cabling

When all of your devices are integrated together, you have the ability to access them to conduct your business more efficiently and similarly, other people in your workplace also have the ability to make most out of the electronic equipment. 

If your cable network is not structured, you might not be able to use all the facilities in your workplace and that is what makes structured cabling highly reliable and valuable.

Save maintenance costs

Diagnosing bugs and errors is easy with this kind of network configuration. You can instantly know what part of the network is dysfunctional and can thereby save time and money fixing it. If you are establishing or thinking about upgrading your cable network, go ahead by all means and forget running diagnostics in the ancient ways.

Additionally, in a closely integrated system, the odds of equipment going bad are pretty grim. So, it will reduce the maintenance costs exponentially. Dramatically.


New technologies that are useful for businesses are introduced frequently and if you do not plan ahead of time, you might not have the capacity to accommodate latest equipment in your network. For instance, when outdoor Smart TVs were first introduced, structured cable networks had the capacity to install them using bulk ethernet cables.

So, with a structured network, you have the flexibility to add new inventions that are useful for your business. 

More Up-Time

If you are running a business, you know the importance of an uninterrupted internet connection and the agony of network down time. And f you want to save yourself from the stress of loosing clients, or not being able to carry on your business operations, you need to have a structured cable network. In it, you will have the flexibility to use multiple devices from different rooms to keep your business running. 

Why Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling can be the foundation for all of your company’s data and voice communication. In fact, it’s what makes it possible for you to use your computers, phones and other devices in the first place. When you think about it, it’s pretty amazing. You can sit at your desk at work and send a fax to a business associate in a different country. In short, structured cabling because of the flexibility that it provides. 

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