Top Tips for Protecting Your Ethernet Cables

Bulk ethernet cables and ethernet patch cables are the backbones of all businesses. They enable faster and more efficient conduct of business operations. And with the rise in home offices, domestic ethernet networks have also become more important than ever before.

But there is a problem, which is: every household and office has ethernet cables, but only a few know how to protect them. So in this article, we will look into the problems your network may suffer if you do not pay them their due attention. We will also, of course, look into the various ways in which you can protect your ethernet cables and have a reliable and fast LAN network.

Let’s dive in.

What Problems your Ethernet Cables can Suffer?

Before we dig deep into the topic, let’s first discuss the potential problems that your ethernet cables can have. There are three factors that can cause problems to your cables: Extreme environmental conditions, human errors, and bad quality cables, simply put.

So, basically, when you Buy Ethernet Cables, you will have to look out for these three factors. Because any problem with your cables will be caused by one of these.

Extreme Environmental Conditions

Bulk ethernet cables are installed in all kinds of spaces from the inside of walls and ceilings to underground trenches. And to put it simply, the environmental conditions in these such spaces are harsh. For instance, when you install a plenum cable above a suspended ceiling in a kitchen, the cable is most likely to get some temperature. Or if you install a direct burial cable under a pavement, it is also likely to overheat in summer and freeze in winter.

This is not the actual problem because these cables are designed for that. What’s problematic is when you install a cable in a place where it should not be installed. If you run a cable designed for indoors in an outdoor space, it will not last long. In fact, it could cause a fire hazard in the worst case.

Human Errors

The second factor that can cause problems or damage your ethernet cables is human error. If you are using a copper-clad aluminum cable for PoE applications, the cable will not be able to sustain the flow of both electric current and data signals. As a result, it will either cause a fire hazard or wear out too early.

So, the lesson here is to abstain from using cables for applications that they are not designed for.


The third and most important factor is quality. If you have bought substandard Ethernet Cables, they are most likely to be damaged and will wear out too soon even when used in normal conditions.
So, the very simple yet straightforward lesson here: buy good-quality ethernet cables.

Tips to protect Ethernet Cables

Now that we have clearly established and explained the three factors that can cause problems for your ethernet cables, let’s look into the ways you can protect them.

1. Install the cable carefully

The first thing you need to do after buying ethernet cables is to carefully decide which cable is installed where and how. Ideally, you should figure this out beforehand but if you haven’t, now is the time.

This will ensure that the cables are installed in the conditions they are designed for. Generally, Ethernet network cables are made out of durable materials, but they have limits. So, in order to protect them from extreme environmental conditions, do not install them in conditions for which they are not designed.

Secondly, you can also protect them by using insulation. For example, if you are installing a Cat6 direct burial cable, you can insulate it just to be extra careful.

2. Run regular maintenance

Always use appropriate cables for a specific application and maintain them from time to time. As mentioned, if you are using a CCA cable for PoE applications, it is bound to wear out sooner than it should. And using the right cable means maintenance will not be required as much.

But in any case, taking a quick look at the cable and connectors will keep you updated on their status and you will be able to prevent any damages.

3. Use better Cables

The best way to protect ethernet cables is to buy better cables in the first place. This will make sure that even in extreme conditions, your cable will work perfectly. And be sure to check the certifications of the cables before buying.

Using better ethernet cables also means that you will have a high-performing, reliable network to conduct your business operations.

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