Top 5 Networking Technology Trends for 2022

Networking technology is transforming at a rate faster than ever before. Every year, new technologies are rolled out and the industry is being revolutionized day after day. People are buying ethernet cables and 5G broadband networks more than ever before because they are becoming even more faster and reliable. WiFi 6 is also gaining popularity and users with its unmatched data transfer prowess.

This article is an overview of the technologies that are most likely to revolutionize the networking industry in 2022.

5G Cellular Broadband

5G is being rolled out in a select few parts of the world but 2022 will witness a greater number of people with access to 5G. This will be possible due to two main reasons. First, because more and more cellular devices are coming out with 5G compatibility. And secondly, because more companies are investing in the 5G gig which will bring down its costs significantly.

5G will and in some areas, has already revolutionized the mobile networking industry by providing unprecedented data transmission speeds. But for household and business applications, it has yet to attract users because networking options such as ethernet bulk cables are more viable options.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the distribution of computer systems or networking resources across a spectrum of servers in different locations. In cloud computing, data storage is the most prevalent compute system that is distributed across different servers for on-demand availability.

This system of computing is becoming more popular as the amount of data users utilized by users is getting larger and larger. Cloud computing allows users to save their data on online databases and access it whenever they want. Users can also access computer powers on-demand. It goes without saying that to be able to utilize cloud computing, users must have a high-speed internet connection, which is also increasing the demand for bulk ethernet cables.

Latest ethernet cables

No matter what the new technology trend is, high-speed internet connections will always be an integral part of the technology. Ethernet cables, particularly plenum ethernet cables are the go-to networking cables for high-speed connections. The already established importance of ethernet cables was enough of a reason to make them a trend yet again in 2022, but the latest generation, Cat8 has made it impossible for ethernet cables bulk to not become a trend.

If you buy ethernet cables, you are adding tools to your network that will remain in the application almost permanently.

The latest ethernet cables bulk are becoming a trend yet again in 2022 but their application is best utilized in big data centers because their performance is limited only to short cable run lengths.

WiFi 6

WiFi was a good enough way of accessing the internet. But your regular, average wifi is not trending in 2022. It is the WiIF 6 that is getting attention this year. WiFi6 is of course faster than its previous generation of wifi. But it comes with more features that are making it a trend.

WiFi 6 can transmit your data across the internet at speeds of up to 9.6 Gbps. If you compare it with its immediate predecessor, WiFi 5 supported 6.1 Gbps data transfer speeds. The latest generation of wifi offers 3.5Gbps more data transmission speed than WIFi5.

WiFi 6 is becoming a trend not just because of its high speeds but also because of the other technologies that it brings. The previous generations of WiFi had limited capabilities to improve the quality of the network. Whereas WiFi 6 allows more routers to be installed on one network and even more devices can be connected to a single router. The routers using WiFi 6 can broadcast more signals to more devices simultaneously, which drastically enhances the quality and reliability of the network.

To put it simply, using the internet on WiFi6 is faster, smoother, and easier.

Network automation

The covid-19 pandemic has driven businesses to shift their work operations online which requires more automation of networks. Because network automation allows businesses to manage their networks remotely, this trend is gaining more and more traction.

Remote work or work from home (WFH) has become almost an essential part of conducting business and without the automation of networks, this is not possible. Which is the reason why networking automation technologies will be a big hit in 2022.


Technology is evolving at a faster rate than ever before. And the technologies that become trends are the ones that can cater to the large variety of subtle networking requirements. For ethernet cables bulk to become a networking technology trend, faster speed and better reliability are important, and to become a trend, automation technologies need to offer more easy-to-use and convenient features.

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