The Ultimate Buyer Guide: Cat6 Pure Copper Cable

If we talk about innovation in technology, everything is fast-paced and new inventions are in continuous developing mode. With progressive technology, it is time to upgrade to a new ethernet setup for meeting your desired network requirements.

In this blog, let us cover all the important information for cat6 pure copper cable for buyers, and what aspects you should consider before buying the ethernet cable.

Cat6 Pure Copper Cable

Our elite bulk 1000ft cat6 gel-filled cable is an ideal choice for your outdoor voice, video, and security networking applications.

No matter if you are installing ethernet cables in your home, office, or an entire building we have all the possible solutions for you.

The direct burial cat6 cable is best suitable for underground installation or conduit spaces, the cable is capable to bear moisture due to the presence of gel filling in its core.

The Cat 6 Pure Copper Cable has 8 conductors having 4 twisted pairs that are 100%, pure solid bare copper and is made up of an LLDPE jacket.

The cable is resistant to water, moisture, and heat due to the addition of gel filling in its core for protection and acts as a corrosion-free ethernet cable.

The cable comes in easy-pull box packing with sequential ‘ft’ markings for your convenience in cutting the wire.

The cat6 pure copper cable is manufactured and designed in such a way that it can easily be installed outdoors or underground in conduit spaces for LAN applications. The outer sheet is UV resistant and protects the wiring and enhances its life span.

Additionally, the 8 copper wires are tightly twisted with one another helps in reducing crosstalk. This will help in providing intact connectivity and high performance
The Speed Of Cat6 Pure Copper Cable
If we talk about its speed, the Cat 6 Pure Copper Cable  has a transfer speed of up to 1 Gbps over 100 meters and if the cable runs at 50 meters it can transfer a speed of up to 10 Gbps with the highest bandwidth frequency of 550 Mhz.

With such frequency attributes your signal quality will remain intact and you will enjoy the ultimate high-speed performance and uninterrupted connectivity.

Along with the speed, the cable can bear a temperature range from -40 to 60 degrees. So while installing the underground ethernet you must know the temperature range for the selection of ethernet cable.

Additional Features Of Gel-Filled Cat6 Direct Burial
The cat6 gel-filled direct burial cable also has some important features which make it the best cable among others ethernet cables.

High-performance communication ethernet cable
Cat6 direct burial pure copper cable
Suitable for fast ethernet applications
F/UTP - Foil shielding over twisted pairs
23 AWG solid bare copper conductors
8 easily identified color-striped wires
Excellent attenuation and crosstalk characteristics
RoHS compliant
Sequential length markings on the jacket
Easy-pull box
1000-foot bulk packing
Exceeds industry standards and TIA/EIA verified

Compliance standards and Applications Support

The cat6 direct burial ethernet cable is verified by EIA/TIA and is also RoHS compliant. The cable is also certified by ANSI/TIA compliance standards which means the cable can be used for major projects or installed underground.

The direct burial cat6 cable supports PoE, PoE+/++ (IEEE 802.3 af/at/bt) applications. The cat6 gel-filled ethernet cable also comes with an internal spline which helps in fighting against kinks and separates all 4 twisted pairs from each other resulting in canceling EMI and preventing crosstalk to keep the signal intact.

Cat6 Pure Copper Cable
An Overview of Outdoor Cable

Like Cat6 ethernet cable is made for outdoor installations and is also referred to as CMX cables here the ‘X’ in CMX is for outside plants. Ethernet cables that meet the properties of CMX type are suitable and engineered for outdoor installation.

The networking cables under CMX are made of special material that upholds safety and lifetime and also provides strength to the cable for its fine working.

It is an important factor to make sure that when using or installing outdoor cables some general terms are noted like temperature, depth, and place where to use the cable for your ease. Hence gives an edge in buying desired ethernet cable.

While using cat6 pure copper cable outside, these cables should be placed in conduit spaces or under 7-8 inches underground away from other electrical wires which might cause interference.
Like category 6 cable, cat5e or cat6 are not suitable for outdoor installations.

FTP Shielded Direct Burial Ethernet Cable

Discussing it further, the Cat6 direct burial cable is also CMX-rated cable which is manufactured and designed in contrast to industry standards. Gel-filled cat6 pure copper cable is water and moisture-resistant. The cat6 pure copper cable is also UV-resistant which protects the cable from serious damage.

The cable also features aluminum foil shielding along with an LSZH material jacket that provides strength to this cable in case of fire and prevents fire from spreading floor to floor.

The use of cat6 pure copper cable is most feasible if you want to connect more than 2 or 3 buildings like warehouses or factories where manufacturing information should update in a timely manner.

Cat6 Pure Copper Cable Connectors

RJ45 connector is most suitable for terminating Cat6 ethernet cable for securing smooth network connection. the cable length is more important for this type of connection. For the Rj45 connector, you can use T568A or T568b for your connection sequence. Just make sure to use the same connection on both ends to secure intact and flawless connectivity of the ethernet cable unless you want to make a crossover connection.

FYI for connecting the RJ45 connectors, make sure to line up the sequence of 8 colored wires and then plug the sequence in the connector which has 8 gold sequence lines for the ethernet cable.

How to Select the Perfect Outdoor Cable

There is a saying, The right tool for the right job. It is right for those who do not bother to search or opt for the ideal networking cable for installation. If you are confused between CMR, CMP, or CMX, here is the answer to all your questions.

If you are about to run a business that involves ethernet cabling outside and inside of the building and also connects other buildings then you are most likely to use CMX outdoor cable for its specifications and outdoor capabilities.

Exterior-rated ethernet cables are waterproof and UV resistant which ultimately makes them an ideal choice for your outdoor installation to withstand sunlight, snow, and moisture.

CMX jackets are very unique as compared to the plenum and riser-rated jackets. The jacket cable of the plenum and riser is made of PVC which is non-resistant to moisture and water and gets damaged easily if contact with outside climate changes.

Running a plenum or Cat 6 Pure Copper Cable  outside for your networking connection is a bad idea, as these cables are specially made for fire safety concerns and will not withstand water vapors and allow them to pass through them which ended up with the destruction of your ethernet cable.
Where To Buy Cat6 Pure Copper Cable
There are some aspects you should consider before buying an ethernet cable that is necessary for your internet specifications, your usage, the requirement of high speed, bandwidth frequency, Plenum-rated or riser-rated, or outside plant (CMX) cables.

According to cable specifications, all category ethernet cables are not the same and are different in price some cables are less expensive some are a bit expensive. Once you decide on the cable for your network upgrade, For real and quality ethernet cables, visit Smartech Cables. We provide all the necessary cables and accessories for our valued customers. Our ethernet cable experts are always therefore your help. Our focus is to provide top-notch quality ethernet cables that should meet consumers’ needs.

We are the market leaders in catering to huge numbers of satisfied customers and our ethernet cables meet all the required industry standards.

Final Findings

Overall, cat6 direct burial copper cable is a suitable choice for businesses or households that require high-speed and high-bandwidth internet connections.

Its durability, signal quality, and high speed along with UV and resistance to moisture and snow, and foolproof weatherproofing capabilities make it an ideal choice for outdoor installation or for high-speed demanding applications.

You have the best ethernet cable choice running for your desired network and providing the speed you want. Visit or reach out to us at We will be pleased after providing you with quality products.