Measure the Quality of ethernet cables

Ethernet cables are the most important part of any network as they are the instruments through which data transfer takes place. Therefore, it becomes immensely important that you select the right and high-quality ethernet cables bulk for your network. As ethernet cables come in a wide array of generations and categories, it becomes imperative that you have complete knowledge about these connectivity cables so that you can make an informed decision and get the best value for your money.

There are some basic characteristics of ethernet cables through which you can identify quality ethernet cables. Let’s dig a little deeper.


You can identify the quality bulk Ethernet cables from their jacket material. The highest rating for the jacket material is the plenum. A plenum-rated ethernet cable comes with excellent properties such as fire resistance and UV resistance. You will install these cables in high-risk plenum areas and their jackets have CMP printed on the outer surface of the jacket. Such is the high quality of these plenum ethernet cables that they can be used in all sorts of environments such as riser and outdoor spaces.

The second-best ethernet cables have CMR-rated ethernet jackets that award them superior fire resistance and UV resistance properties. These cables halt fire progression and are non-toxic as they emit very little smoke and no hazardous gases.

The third-best rating for the bulk Ethernet cables is PVC as these cables have jackets that have chemical resistance and sunlight resistance properties. The jackets are made from polyvinyl chloride.


The second property through which you can identify the top quality bulk Ethernet cables is conductors’ material.

Supreme quality ethernet cables have conductors made up of pure copper. You can identify pure copper cables from their jackets as they have one of the following markings on them:

  • Pure Copper
  • Bare Copper
  • Solid Copper

All of these 3 things mentioned the same point: conductors are made up of pure copper. Ethernet cables with pure copper/solid copper/bare copper conductors have excellent and top-notch attenuation characteristics. It means these cables demonstrate a very petty loss of signal strength and renders a connectivity experience that is impossible to be matched by the copper-clad aluminum conductors.

Also, pure copper conductors have less DC resistance; thus, these conductors more energy into signals and less into heat. It means you get seamless connectivity and optimum performance. And due to the very same aforementioned excellent characteristics, pure copper conductors cables are much more expensive than CCA cables.


Another quality of high-quality bulk ethernet cables is that they not only meet but exceed all industry standards. For instance, take the example of our premium Cat6 ethernet cable. The TIA/EIA standards state that Cat6 ethernet cables should have a bandwidth capacity of 350 MHz. Here at Smartech Cables, our Cat6 cables pass this limit by a wide margin as they render 550 MHz bandwidth. This enhanced bandwidth keeps signal quality intact. The same goes for all other ethernet cables.

And it is not the only bandwidth standard that our cables surpass, they also exceed ISO/IES, CE, CSE, FCC standards and are in complete compliance with RoHS.

Smartech Cables - You One-Stop-Shop For High-Quality Ethernet Cables

Here at Smartech Cables, we manufacture ethernet cables that come with standards that are yet to be rivaled. All of our ethernet cables have undergone rigorous testing including the Fluke DSX-8000 Versiv Cable Analyzer test. Our cables not only meet but exceed all industry standards and come with a 10-year warranty (T&C) applied. We also manufacture premium-level ethernet cables that come with UL and ETL certifications. Cable carrying UL and ETL certifications have been tested against stringent standards and are fully safe to be installed.