Know what is Difference Between RJ45 Connector and Keystone Jack

When you are installing ethernet cables or buying for that matter, you will come across the two terms, Keystone Jack and RJ45 Connector. What are these and what is the difference between both, and why do matter is the subject of this blog.

Both of these ethernet accessories, the RJ45 Connector, and the ethernet Keystone Jack are used to connect ethernet cables together and to connect cables with devices such as computers, routers, etc.

Let’s get into the blog and discuss more them in detail.

What is an RJ45 Connector?

A Registered Jack, RJ45 Connector, also known as the male plug, is an 8p8c (8 pins 8 contacts) module that is designed to terminate twisted-pair ethernet cables. For instance, if you have a twisted pair cable and need to connect it to a device, you cannot directly out the tip of the cable into the device. You need an accessory that provides an interface to connect with the device.

That accessory is the RJ45 Connector which provides an interface for connecting the twisted pair ethernet cable with an electronic device.

An RJ45 Connector is made in compliance with the ANSI/EIA/TIA T568A and B wiring scheme. What this means is that the aforementioned regulatory bodies have standardized a method of connecting wires in a certain pattern defined by color. This is important when you are terminating a cable in the connector because you will have to follow the standard pattern.

Types of RJ45 Connectors

All RJ45 Connectors or the male plugs are the same except for their materials and features.

  1. Shielded RJ45 Connectors: Shielded Connectors have a metal foil-like shielding within the modular that protects the cables from external noise and interference.
  2. Unshielded RJ45 Connectors: Unshielded Connectors lack the shielding of the shielded connectors and are therefore more susceptible to interference and crosstalk. However, in situations where there isn’t too much external noise, these plugs are ideal and do not necessarily require shielding.

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What is a Keystone Jack?

An RJ45 Keystone Jack is the female modular in which ethernet cables are terminated as well as the male RJ45 connector is inserted into. A keystone jack is usually mounted on a wall plate, faceplate, or patch panel where ethernet cables are terminated in it and connectors are inserted into.

Types of Keystone Jacks

An Rj45 keystone jack is available in a multitude of types for different Ethernet cables and different purposes. However, for most ethernet cables, you can find the following types in the market.

  • RJ45 110 Punchdown
  • RJ45 180-Degree Toolless
  • RJ45 90-Degree Vertical Toolless
  • RJ45 180-Degree Punchdown
  • RJ45 90-Degree Punchdown

All of these RJ45 Keystone female jacks can also be found in shielded, and unshielded types as well as in different colors.

How to Terminate an Ethernet Cable?

Whether you are terminating an ethernet cable in a connector or a jack, the process is simple and in fact, fun. However, it depends a little bit on the connector or the jack in which you are terminating the cables.

For instance, for some RJ45 Connectors, you will need crimping tools to terminate whereas, for the toolless keystone jacks, you can terminate them without using an external tool. Just squeeze the built-in cover and the wires should make a connection with the contacts of the jack.

  1. The key to remember while terminating ethernet cables is to follow the right wiring scheme. On almost all of our keystone jacks, EIA/TIA T568 A and B wiring scheme diagrams are given.
  2. Follow the diagram and insert the wires into the jack according to their respective color on the diagram.
  3. If the jack is toolless, you will need to squeeze the flap on the jack. Otherwise, you will need a crimping tool.

Difference between Keystone Jack and RJ45 Connector

The main difference between the keystone jack and the RJ45 connector is their design and thereby, their use.

The Rj45 Connector is designed to be inserted into the Jack which is designed to be connected to a router or an Ethernet switch.

Both the RJ45 connector or the male plug and the female keystone modular are designed to connect different devices with the internet via ethernet cables.

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