Cat6 or Cat6a: Which is the best Cable for installation in Residential Spaces

With rapid advancements and innovations in the networking multiverse, the connectivity requirements are growing and the same is the case for high-speed ethernet cables. With the automation of residential spaces growing at a rapid pace, the data speed requirements have reached record height. So, which cable is the best for your gaming setup: Cat6 cable or Cat6a cable? Let’s find out.

Cat6 Cable

Cat6 Cable belongs to the family of the 6th generation or category ethernet cables. This cable is the renowned and first-preferred choice for residential spaces because of the following reasons:

  1. Cat6 Cable provides extremely fast data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps if the cable run is up to 50 meters and 1 Gbps if the cable run is up to 100 meters. As gamers usually build their setup in the residential spaces, it is very likely that cable run will remain less than the 50-meter threshold in residential spaces, so, you will get lightning-fast data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps.
  2. The cable renders a bandwidth capacity of 550 MHz. This bandwidth capacity is extremely helpful as it supports signal strength to the fullest and the same is not compromised.
  3. The cable has conductors made up of pure copper or copper-clad aluminum. The numbers of conductors in Cat6 cable are 8 and they are twisted in 4 pairs to ward off outside interferences like electromagnetic interference or crosstalk.
  4. The cable is available in 4 different variants. The plenum variant finds its way in the plenum or horizontal spaces. The Cat6 Plenum Cable has passed stringent safety regulations and it meets all fire-safety requirements. Likewise, the cable is UV resistant and has an outer jacket made up of the finest quality polyvinyl chloride. Riser variant, as the name suggests, finds its way in riser or vertical spaces of the buildings. Basically, the riser variant of the Cat6 cable is also categorized as an indoor variant. Therefore, it, too, has passed stringent fire-safety standards. When it comes to the PVC variant, it is meant for outdoor installations and it falls in the category of outdoor cables. PVC cables do not have to pass stringent fire standards, and therefore, carry cheaper price tags. The fourth type of Cat6 cable is the direct burial cable.

Cat6a Cable

Cat6a cable also belongs to the family of 6th generation or category ethernet cables, but the “a” in the title refers to the augmented versions. Let’s find out what makes this cable a popular choice for residential installations in 2022:

  1. Cat6a cable can maintain data transfer rates of 10 Gbps up to a distance of 100 meters with an augmented bandwidth capacity of 750 MHz. As a result of these augmented features, you get uninterrupted connectivity.
  2. The cable comes in two types of conductors: pure copper and copper-clad aluminum. Pure copper conductors are premium conductors and carry a heavy price tag when compared with copper-clad aluminum conductors.  Performance-wise, pure copper conductors are way ahead of copper-clad aluminum conductors. So, if you want our advice, we recommend you always go with pure copper conductors if there are no budget constraints.
  3. The cable is available in 4 main variants. Plenum variants of the Cat6a cable are for plenum spaces as it has fire retardant features, riser variant is for riser spaces due to the very same reason, PVC is for outdoor whereas direct burial is for indoor activities.

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