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Cat6A 12 Port Patch Panel Horizontal Rack Mount


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12 Port Patch Panel Cat6A:

At Smartech Cables, we never settle for anything that is less than perfect. We manufacture high-quality cables and their related accessories at very affordable price points. We carry functionality-wise excellent high-performance cables. Like category 6 plenum, category 6A riser, category 5e plenum BC, category 5 plenum, etc. and convenient cable-related accessories which include, along with other useful products. Our patch panel cat6A is a cable accessory that comes really handy when you need to connect multiple devices. You can think of it as a flat tray that essentially contains the number of ports (in this case, 12 ports). And each of the ports is connected to other ports located elsewhere through patch cables. Our patch panels are great when it comes to stable links and reliable connections. It features 110 punch down termination and 12 ports. This patch panel cat6A acts as a static connecting switchboard for several of your electronic devices. That needs to be qualitatively connected to each other. Patch panels are essential for cable management. You can centralize your cables in one place. Therefore, they are perfect when you need to wire up network connections in multiple spaces which are not at much distance. This particular patch panel is a category 6 patch panel with 110 punch down termination. A 110 punch down termination corresponds to the punch block used to terminate twisted cable pairs. To simply understand; this sort of termination allows one group of wires to be connected to another group of wires.

Each of the patch panels features a minimum of 3 mm 50 micro-inch gold plated jack contacts. as a result of which consistent and reliable terminations are achieved. Other than that, this patch panel 110 12 port is designed in such a way that you get the facility to forgo enclosure, rack or wall space. Another thing about this particular patch panel is that it is a compact horizontal patch panel, and it is mountable. Just like our many other products at New York Cables. This Patch panel 110 12 port is consistent with the highest market standards and prevailing industry norms. It is TIA/EIA Verified, RoHS compliant, and category 6 specifications (TIA 568.C.2 (TIA-568-C.2) and ISO/IEC 11801) compliant. It is recommended for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet network applications. Furthermore, the jack or the plug compatibility of this particular patch panel is RJ45 which essentially refers to the fact that it is capacitated to connect RJ45 ports to a network. Just like any other cabling accessory, we aim to provide our customers convenience, and this product is no exception to that. it provides you with universal wiring for both T568A and T568 and it is intended to cater to conductor size 22, 24, or 26 American Gauge Wire (AWG).

SKU: STC-N300 Category:
Standard Compliances: FCC, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, RoHS
Port: 12 Port
Screw: Available
Gender: F
Panel Style: Straight
Panel Type: 1U
Height: 2.37
Category: 6a

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