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Bulk Cat6 1000ft Outdoor/Indoor Network Cables:

While installing a low voltage structured cabling system for the office, residential projects or buildings one constant that seems to be always taken into consideration is the cable that every project actually requires. Category 6 cables (bulk cat6 1000ft outdoor/indoor network cables) are commonly known as CAT6 and it is a standardized twisted pair of cables. It is a networking cable that consists of four twisted pairs which can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes, home and all business networks.

Category 6 is an Ethernet cable standard explained by the Electronic Industrial Association (EIA) and Telecommunications industry (TIA) which is the sixth generation of twisted pair cabling backward compatible with cat5 and cat5e standards. It holds four pairs of copper wire uses all the pairs for signaling in order to obtain its high level of performance. It is designed for the requirements of fast broadband applications and is the most popular cabling for new installs held today.

Bulk cat6 1000ft outdoor/indoor network cables are the strictest flame rated with having a special coating on them. Basically, the CAT6 Plenum is jacketed with a fire-retardant jacket of a low flame fluorinated ethylene polymer (FEP) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC)and its less toxic. They are used for preventing flame and restrict smoke propagation and to minimize the amount of smoke released during the fire. These cables are specially designed, placed in plenum spaces.

For non-plenum cables, riser rated cables can be used because these cables are used in non-plenum areas and run between the floors.  With lower cost, they have not fired resistance as compared to the plenum and designed for general use only. These are usually the common Ethernet patch cables and created to connect networking devices. Most significantly, a riser rated cable can be replaced and restored by a plenum rated cable but a plenum rated cable cannot be replaced and restored by the riser rated cables. Plenum cables and Riser cables are described as CMP and CMR respectively. “C” and “M” are used to refer that the cable has complied with NEC (National Electrical Code).”R” refers to riser and “P” describes plenum.

Cat6 Ethernet Cable PVC,  plenum and riser cable consist of 1000ft having a pull box. This bulk cat6 1000ft outdoor/indoor network cables pull box is designed to facilitate the pulling in of cables without creating a mess. If standard patch cables, jacks and all the connectors are not used with cat6 cables the overall performance would not be up to the mark and may not fulfill the cat6 performance specifications. Plenum can be used in commercial, residential areas and hospitals since these areas are crowded and safety must come first more than anything. As for cabling there are plenty of choices and it’s hard to list them all but choosing the right cable is choosing the success of any project.