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  1. Cat6a Horizontal Keystone Jack UTP, Toolless 180 Degree
    As low as $14.52
  2. Strongest Drywall Bracket For Heavy Items
    As low as $6.99
  3. Ethernet Category 6 Patch Cord
    As low as $2.00
  4. Slim Bare Copper Cat6 Patch Cable 6 Inch
    As low as $8.74
  5. RJ45 Inline Keystone Jack Coupler
    As low as $5.66
  6. Cat6 Toolless Horizontal 180 Degree UTP Keystone Jack
    As low as $10.00
  7. Vertical Cat6 Rj45 180 Degree Toolless UTP Keystone Jack
    As low as $13.00
  8. 2 Port Standard Face Plate for Keystone Jacks Pack of 10
    As low as $7.60
  9. 4 Port Ethernet Keystone Wall Faceplate Pack of 10
    As low as $7.60
  10. RJ45 Soft Plastic Connector Boots
    As low as $2.15
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Network Cable Accessories:

Smartech Cables deals in cabling solutions that speak for its quality by their stringently tested specifications. We aim to provide our customers with quality, high-performance cables, and relevant network cable accessories.

All of our products are priced very low, at the most market competitive prices out there so that you can get a grip of our quality at a cost of a few bucks only. Along with our good range of high-quality wires and cables, we have a wide collection of cable accessories available; these include sturdy connectors, quality patch panels and patch cables, keystone jacks, TV wall mounts, and wall faceplates.

These cable accessories are ideal when a specific job needs to be done. For instance, you want to mount an LCD television on a wall with the right holds which are sturdy enough.

We carry the right tools that can efficiently help you in constructing customized cable lengths out of a bulk length of a standard cable or the devices which help you connect several other devices with their various different number of ports.

Likewise, we carry miniature versions of standard bulk cables, which become very resourceful to be run in tight spaces, and easy-to-use punch down tools which again are essential if you want the reliable transmission of data in your network.

The point is we have unmatched quality: our cable accessories like our cables and regular wires, comply with the highest standards of the market. They have manufactured keeping in due regard to the minimum industry requirements or an agency-related requirement.

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