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About Us

What we really do?

Smartech Cables is a manufacturer based in New York City, dealing in high-performance network cabling solutions and connectivity products. If you are wiring up in places whereby quality and high enactment constitutes a requirement, our products offer the right cable for your requirements. Our products range from Ethernet Networking cables available in sturdy pull out boxes, cable accessories, coaxial/Siamese Cable and audio/video & HDMI cables.

Smartech Cable Vision

Smartest Cables started in 2015 with a vision that was to define connectivity in new terms, which we ought to see in two characteristics: quality and affordability. We aimed to provide you with market competitive network solutions with no compromise as to its quality. Also, we envisioned simple and effective customer services. Thus, we obliged ourselves to prioritize our customers’ need, their satisfaction and their trust above all.

History of Beginning

Initially, we could only afford to cater to our end users who were in New York City. However, in a matter of a few years, we extended our services to the whole of the United States. For this we credit our non-complex customer services, our focus to build up customer relationship and most importantly the consistency in our product quality.

Mr. Jordan CEO/Founder

Mr. James General Manager

Miss, Marry Hr Manager

Mr. Alex Marketing Manager

Mr, John Smith CRM Manager

Mr, Austin Farrer Client Support Agent

Smartech Cable Achievements:

Our achievements are clear: what we started off with just coaxial RG 59, Cat5 and Cat5e Ethernet Cables grew into big when our vision of ‘quality on cost-effective price points’ aligned with that of the consumers.

Our Focus:

Our product excellence with our guaranteed affordability is our ultimate focus and through these elements, we work hard towards building long-lasting and meaningful relations with our end users.

History of the Company

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Cooperate with Us!

Help us grow big with the vision we carry.  Your cooperation will be our confidence in this industry to provide you with quality economical cables.  We guarantee satisfaction in every aspect of our solutions. The Ethernet solution includes cables like CAT6 plenum, CAT6A riser, CAT5e plenum BC, and so on. Our cable accessories include TV mounts, connectors, keystone jacks, patch panels along with wall and face pallets, whereas the audio/video & HDMI includes outdoor speaker cables and in-wall speaker cables.

What can we do for you ?

We provide you with around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, customer support services. You can contact us in case of any query at any time, and we will be obliged to gladly address your concerns.

We take pride that we provide the best quality network cables and other relevant accessories. We believe that our products will suit your needs in applications where the high-quality performance of networks, and other corresponding devices, is required.

We have stocks readily available for our customers so that the products can be immediately shipped off. Therefore, we ensure your fastest delivery for your orders. Moreover, Smartech Cables offers free shipping on orders above $100 within the contiguous United States.

Our customer care services have been designed to be simple, friendly and effective so that we could be reached out with feedback from our customers. This not only earned us our name and repute but also earned us our customer’s trust and satisfaction.

Since 2015, we progressed and evolved with ever-evolving technology. We raised our standards with time. We now are proud to serve and satisfy over a thousand of our valued customers all over the United States.