Wall Mount For 37″-70″ LCD/LED Flat Panel TV’s


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Wall Mount for 70 Inch Tv:

This is a heavy-duty wall-mount for a 70-inch tv bracket with a convenient tilting feature for your televisions. The bracket has an advantage of having a universal socket pattern (24 in x 16 in (610mm x 408mm)) on it which makes it very practical to be used since it can go with most sorts of LCDs or LEDs. However, it is to be noted that it can be catered for 37 inches to 70 inches televisions, and therefore, you should not hang one beyond the aforementioned range with this particular wall mount bracket. Apart from the television inches, this durable and sturdy wall mount bracket is capacitated to hold a maximum load weight limit of 50kg or 110lb. Therefore, Smartech Cables recommends that you do not go beyond the weight limit as it may cause physical injury. As for the tilting feature of this heavy-duty wall mount bracket; it provides you with the flexibility to tilt your television from -15 degrees to +15 degrees. You can tilt the television up or down and set it to a point that suits your angle of the watch.

The design of this bracket is very user-friendly; you have the socket patterns to attach it up on a wall. After that, you just have to mount on your television. The distance between the wall on which the bracket is attached to and the back of the television is supposed to be 2.9 inches. This is another small yet very useful feature as it caters not only for the dangling wire but also for cable plugging space at the back of your television device. In addition to this, the bracket has another essential feature which again may be trivial but of great importance especially when you are to set up your television, and that feature is a presence of a bubble level on the bracket. The bubble level gives you the precise indication of a straight and correct angle so that you can mount up your television at the correct and precise angle. We offer you these wall mount brackets for 37 inches to 70 inches wide televisions at the most affordable price with a sturdiness that you will cherish. The design of the bracket is not only convenient but it is also environmentally friendly in the sense that it provides you with quality cable management.


Additional information

Weight 7.46 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 9 × 2 in

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Wall Mount For 37"-70" LCD/LED Flat Panel TV's