Bulk 1000ft RG6 Quad Shield Coax Cable 18 AWG Digital Audio Video


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Bulk 1000ft RG6 Quad Shield Coax Cable:

If you are looking for high-quality cables for premium quality video signals, and an overall reliable connection; we recommend you our bulk 1000ft rg6 quad shield coax cable. This cable is known for its market competitive specifications. It is designed to provide you with high data integrity, signal retention, and well-transferred video signals. With over 1000+ customers satisfied, we have always aimed to provide you with quality and nothing less than quality. We, therefore, believe that you should never settle anything less than high-quality cabling solutions. Bulk 1000ft rg6 quad shield coax cable is ideal for applications involving CATV (cable television) installations. The cable is intended to disperse the relevant signals throughout am infrastructure, and for that purpose, it first establishes the right route for it.

A regular RG59 is perfect for applications requiring high yielding transmissions. Such cables are great for CCTV camera installations, professional video-relation applications and so on. However, this particular cable is an RG6 coaxial cable which is a thicker version with enhanced features and electrical specifications. Therefore, this bulk 1000ft rg6 quad shield coax cable is suitable to cater for CCTV installations and on top of that, it can ace in other wide variety of residential and commercial applications. It gives you the advantage of transmissions with the least amount of signal bleedings. This 75-ohm cable features a high data transfer rate of 1.5 GHz (which when compared to RG6 is significantly higher).

Moreover, this cable conforms to all the relevant agency codes and market standards. It is to be noted that it even exceeds some of the base requirements required by the industry, and because of all that, this cable is a TIA/EIA verified coaxial cable. This bulk 1000ft rg6 quad shield coax cable is available in easy-to-use spools which can be very user-friendly to store, dispense and access the bulk form of this cable. The length of this cable is 1000ft long. The cable is a high-performance cable that provides you with 95 percent braid coverage (16/8/0.12mm). The braided structure design essentially helps with the shielding aspect of the cable. Not only the braided structure allows the conductor to be flexible and durable but, the maintained internal structure of this cable helps with good quality transmissions and data integrity as well. Once again you got to credit the high protection against all sorts of outside interferences like cross-talks, magnetic interferences, and electrostatic noises to the braided design. Because of that, you enjoy the unprecedented protection against all sorts of such nuisance. There is almost no signal bleedings or loss of audio data packets which means that your data integrity is greatly protected.

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RG6 Quad Shield 18 AWG 1000' Feet Ft Coax Cable

Bulk 1000ft RG6 Quad Shield Coax Cable 18 AWG Digital Audio Video