Bulk Rg59 Coax Cable For CCTV Audio/Video, Indoor/Outdoor Dual Shield White


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Bulk Rg59 Coax Cable:

Camera installation is something that is essential in many fields, and for cameras to work smoothly and give you quality output, you need a high-quality coaxial cable. This bulk rg59 coax cable for CCTV dual shield provides you with 95 percent braid coverage (16/8/0.12mm). The braided structure design is essential when it comes to the matter of conductor shielding. The braided structure allows the conductor to be flexible and durable. Moreover, the maintained the internal structure of this coaxial cable rg59 dual shield white coax helps with good quality transmissions and data integrity. It is again due to the braided design that you can enjoy very optimum protection against all sorts of outside interferences like cross-talks, magnetic interferences, electrostatic noises and likewise so on. There is almost no signal bleedings or loss of audio data packets which means that your data integrity is greatly protected.

Our rg59 coaxial cable dual shield white coax satellite features 20 American Gauge Wire AWG copper clad steel. This improves the conductivity so that you get that high-quality transmission even at longer distances. The cable itself is capacitated to provide you with outstanding audio and video quality in daytime, high-light recordings as well as in low-light or darkness.

This Smartech coaxial cable RG59 dual shield white coax satellite features a dual shield within and a polyvinyl chloride PVC insulated outer jacket. Our PVC insulation is the perfect insulation on a cable that can be installed in areas with high or low temperature, or in applications with exposure to UV rays. Furthermore, the PVC insulation is of great help when you need to run cables in a compact tight spacing. This particular coaxial cable rg59 dual shield coax satellite comes in easy-to-use spools which can be very user-friendly to store, dispense and access the bulk form of this cable.


Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 10.75 × 10.75 × 12.25 in

White, Black

Wire Gauge:

20 AWG

Center Conductor:

0.81mm Pure Copper




96*0.12mmCCA 80%

Cable Jacket:



400MHz – 11.6db/100M



Velocity of Propagatoin:




Operating Temperature:



Spool with Box



Siamese Inner Conductor:


Siamese Jacket:


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Bulk Rg59 Coax Cable For CCTV Audio/Video, Indoor/Outdoor Dual Shield White

Bulk Rg59 Coax Cable For CCTV Audio/Video, Indoor/Outdoor Dual Shield White