2 Port Keystone Jack Wall Plate High Impact ABS Plastic


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2 Port Keystone Jack Wall Plate:

This 2 port keystone jack wall plate is a must if you are in need to establish a connection between cables and a junction box, a mud ring or a surface box. Moreover, this sturdy wall plate is ideally used for adding or substituting a pre-set network. The Smartech Cables keystone jack standard faceplate can be easily installed in place of a single gang wall hollow space. You can conveniently set it up with the screws which are included with the packet it comes in.

Another advantageous aspect is the flexibility of these keystone jack standard faceplates.  These 2 port keystone jack wall plates are intended to be compatible with different cabling solutions, including twisted-pair cables, coaxial cables, and HDMI cables and so on. As for the universality in the design for the plates, it can cater to standard keystone jack modules for several sorts of cables, be it be a network cable, an audio cable, a video cable and so on. Moreover, our keystone jack standard faceplate is intended for use with keystone/modular jacks and snap-ins.

These particular faceplates are of white color and are made of high impact ABS plastic. They have 2 ports on each of the faceplates. You can get a single keystone standard jack faceplate packet, a five-piece packet, a ten-piece packet, and a twenty-piece packet. We also carry these plates with various numbers of ports: we have those which are blank, those which carry a single port, those which carry two ports, those which carry three ports and those with for ports available.


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2 Port Keystone Jack Wall Plate

2 Port Keystone Jack Wall Plate High Impact ABS Plastic