250ft 14AWG 2 Conductor Speaker Wire For In Wall Use


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250ft 14AWG 2 Conductor Speaker Wire:

In the world we live in today, we need those transducers which are capable of converting electromagnetic waves into loud sound waves. Of course, by that we mean speakers. Speakers have become very common nowadays in medical, educational, recreational, and/or business-related applications. We admit speakers come handy every now and then when we need to apply an audio signal so that everyone can hear it. Read below more about 14 2 wire 250 ft, for 14 2 speaker cable and for 250ft 14AWG 2 conductor.

For speakers to give you quality output; that quality amplification, Smartech Cables introduces its high-performance 250ft 14AWG 2 conductors speaker wire. It is a high quality, reliability speaker wire that is particularly recommended for in-wall installations. This particular 14 2 speaker cable is 250ft long, and it features 14 (AWG) American Gauge Wire. The wire is incorporated with high performance 2 conductors. The thickness of the wire is ideal for audio transmissions. Therefore, it enables quality transmissions of high fidelity audio signals to your speakers, and as a result of which, you experience quality output from your speakers. With that there comes an added bonus: there is almost no signal bleedings or loss of audio data packets which means that your data integrity is greatly enhanced.

In-wall audio speaker 250ft 14AWG 2 conductors is perfectly compatible with most of the speakers out in the market. The wire has 14 (AWG) American Gauge Wire conductors incorporated into it which makes the conductivity very commendable. In addition to all that, the outer jacket on this in-wall audio speaker 14 2 wire 250 ft is special too for it is polyvinyl chloride PVC insulation with fire retardant coatings. Our PVC insulation is the perfect insulation on a cable that can be installed in areas with high or low temperature, or in applications with exposure to UV rays, but since this particular one is an in-wall wire, there is not much use of the aforesaid characteristics. However, this has certain fire retardant materials used in the outermost coating of the wire which make our in-wall audio 250ft 14AWG 2 conductors resistive to fire. Furthermore, The PVC jacket acts as a hurdle against the spread of fire between floors of a structure. This 250ft 14AWG 2 conductor is manufactured observing the set standards of the industry; not only meeting the standards but also exceeding them. Smartech Cables offers this speaker wire at the most budget-friendly price for which you are ensured reliability and quality.

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250ft 14AWG 2 Conductor Speaker Wire For In Wall Use

250ft 14AWG 2 Conductor Speaker Wire For In Wall Use