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bulk Cat6a Riser UL-Listed Cables

This bulk Cat6a Riser UL-Listed carries UL-Listed marking which means that the cable has been tested against the stringent safety standards set by the Underwriter Laboratories. Remember, Underwriter Laboratories set their own stringent standards of safety for various products and issues certification to only those products that meet all the prerequisites.

When it comes to the jacket material, this Cat6a Riser UL-Listed cable is accompanied by a CMR-rated jacket. This is the second-best jacket rating and ethernet cables carrying the CMR marking are completely safe for installation in the high-risk riser or vertical spaces of the buildings. To provide top-notch protection against crosstalk and to cancel EMI, this cable has an extra layer of protection in form of an overall foil shield wrapped around all 4 unshielded twisted pairs. This extra layer redirects unwanted noise to the ground and thus delivers extra and much-needed protection against the EMI.

As it is an “augmented” 6th generation cable, it offers data transfer rates of 10 Gbps up to a length of 100 meters or 328 feet; this data transfer speed is ten times more than Cat6. With its 750 MHz bandwidth capacity, our premium Cat6a cables maintain the signal strength intact to provide you optimum connectivity. The bulk Cat6a Riser UL-Listed ethernet cable runs 23AWG and supports these applications: 100BASETX, Ethernet 10 Gigabit, 155ATM, 100BaseVG ANY LAN, 622ATM, AES/EBU Digital Audio, AES51, NTSC/PAL Component or Composite Video, and RS-422.

Being an industry leader in ethernet cables, we manufacture Cat6a Riser cables that not only meet but also exceed the following standards: NEC Article 800, ANSI/TIA/EIA 568C.2 Category 6A, 11801:2002 Category 6A, UL 910:CMP Rating, RoHS Compliant. The conductors are made from pure copper and are bundled together in 4 twisted pairs for enhanced performance. Rest assured, when you buy Cat6a riser cables from Smartech Cables, you get the best value for your money.

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