1000ft Cat6 PVC Cable:

If you are to run cables in a large area, and that too long-term use; our 1000ft cat6 PVC cable bulk is ideal for you. However, you should note that this cable is to be used in non-plenum areas. Non-plenum areas do not require cable’s outer jacket to be plenum rated, therefore, our 1000ft Cat6 PVC cables work best in these areas. The 1000ft cat6 PVC cable has 23 American Gauge Wire AWG, four (UTP) unshielded twisted pairs, and eight solid conductors. The external jacket of the cable is made of Polyvinyl Chloride PVC – Non-Plenum rated jacket. PVC is solid plastic with better flexibility. You can use this cable inflexible as well as fixed installations, and with that, you can also use it in applications whereby the cable needs to be exposed to either low or high temperatures.

The PVC insulation also protects the internal structure of the cable against UV light. In all of these harsh conditions our 1000ft Cat6 PVC cable, owing to its PVC insulation, will not let you down. It is, therefore, highly recommended to be used for long run use because of its durability, flexibility, and sturdiness. Smartech Cables 1000ft cat6 PVC cable with PVC insulations are EIA/TIA verified and RoHS compliant. They are high-performance cables that have tested to support bandwidth frequencies of up to 550MHz. the data transfer rate has been tested up to 1 Gbps with a low bit error rate. Therefore, you can use these cables for 10BASE-T (Ethernet), 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet) 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet GbE), and 10BASE-T (10-Gigabit Ethernet).

As mentioned above our 1000ft Cat6 PVC cable, provides you high performance and high-quality transmissions with a low bit error rate. This is made possible because this cable is more resistant to cross-talk between the cables. Cross talk refers to errors that are not wanted for good transmission. These errors bring down the quality of your Ethernet performance. For the purpose, we designed our 1000ft Cat6 PVC cable with tighter twisted pairs, and thicker sheaths so that your quality is not compromised. Therefore, our Category 6 cables are more resistive against Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) and Alien Crosstalk (AXT). The cable comes 1000ft length, packed in sturdy pull-out boxes which make it very easy for you to install your cables. The outer jacket of the cable bulk provides you an indication of each foot. You can run the cables according to the length by foot measurements marked, and this way installation becomes very easy for you.

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