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Outdoor Speaker Cables:

We at Smartech Cables believe in quality, and we manufacture quality cables and cable accessories for you. Our cabling solutions are of premium quality and they come at very reasonable prices. Therefore, you can be benefitted from the quality transmissions and all at the most market competitive cost out there. Our outdoor speaker cables 14 AWG, 16 AWG, 18 AWG are also high performance, high-quality cables which are priced reasonably so that your budget is not caught off-guard.

Outdoor Speakers have recently become popular. People install speaker system outdoors, but it has been a matter of complaint that the output is not significantly good. Quality outputs from speakers are something we all look upon in a good speaker, but the secret to a good audio transmission and consequently a good output from a speaker lies in the speaker wire. We aim to provide you with the most durable such cables. Whenever you are considering to set up an outdoor speaker system, you might want to certain things that are exclusive to this sort of system. First and foremost, an outdoor system differs from an indoor speaker system. For an outdoor system, you need to connect the speakers that are outdoors to your indoor amplifiers for that boast. Secondly, an outdoor system requires the speaker cable to be stronger in terms of its resistivity to climatic conditions. Our outdoor speaker cables are outdoor rated, and therefore, highly recommended for an outdoor speaker system. The jacket on this particular wire is water-resistant, and UV resistant (PET+FR/PVC). Likewise, such cables cover more ground area, and therefore, you need to make sure that you are not choosing bulky cables.

It is again stressed here, that such a cable needs to be outdoor rated which essentially means that it can be able to resist bad weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and whatnot. Therefore, these cables have double insulations so that the internal structure is protected against the harsh elements of nature. The outer jacket of our outdoor speaker cable means that you can install the cable outside as well as inside a wall without any risk of failure. Even, they can be directly buried to the ground as well.

Another key aspect that you need to keep in mind whilst choosing the right cable is the right wire gauge To measure the diameter of wires, American Gauge wire has been the standard of the industry since a long time, and hence we have different AWGs. The thickness varies with the Gauge scale. The lower the gauge scale, the thicker will be the wire. The formula is pretty simple with the wire gauge:  bigger gauge number corresponds to thinner wire and shorter run.

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